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October 07, 2016

Plumbing woes–no hike this week

As I was leaving to enjoy a morning hike on the recently reopened ‘Angie’s Trail’.  This is the trail I hiked in February while it was being renovated.  However, I could hear water running.  Big OOPS!
There was water pouring out from under the garage door.  Yup the water heater has burst.

IMG_0941 (640x479) Sad smile

I do not want to see the water bill for this month anytime soon.

I put this water heater in about 20 years ago, guess they don’t last forever.  The next one will be installed San Diego’s Quick Water Heater Company, selected based on their Yelp reviews and fixed pricing.

I took advantage of having the water off to replace the mixing valve in the downstairs shower which had a drip.
IMG_0947 (640x467)IMG_0949 (640x479)

I’ll have to check for leaks once the water is back on.  I’ll then add the trim and handle, or turn the water back off!

This brings me to the reason to write this blog.
Why have a ‘Stick and Stucco’ house at all?  The obvious reason is it keeps us close to the Grand-girls:
IMG_0022 (640x471) Kg and Aj 2015

But more than that, it is our lifestyle of living near the beach in America’s Finest City.  There will come a time when we all will have to hang up the keys and this is where I want mine hung. 
The obvious downside is we will always be sometime RVers.  Although Lynne of Winnie Views and Susanne of Take to the Highway are fulltime RVers in their mini-winnies, I think Rufus would be too cramped for us.  Certainly while traveling we see the appeal of that lifestyle, even a bit envious of it.  But like J. Dawg,  we like our home and when we return, we truly are coming “Home”!

When we have house-sitters for a few months each summer we schedule a trip.  This year it was Alaska, next year the eclipse.

We’ll be doing a more local adventures before heading out for Borrego Days in October.
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