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October 18, 2016

Mission Trails West– San Diego Urban Hike

Fran had an optomitrist appointment in Kearny Mesa.  After picking up her new progressive sunglasses we needed to give them a test.  Just east at the end of Clairmont Mesa Blvd is the Tierrasanta Entrance to Mission Trails Park.

IMG_1059 (640x478)

I have mountain biked in this area decades ago but have never been afoot here.  A new adventure for both of us.  There are a few – very few – rest areas and only this one with shade - take lots more water than you normally would.

IMG_1060 (640x479)

Stay on the established trails and away from the Marine bunkers.  The last ordnance sweep was in 1990, maybe we’re past due Smile.  And DO NOT venture north of CA-52, as I mentioned in my previous blog you will be detained!
IMG_1061 (640x480)IMG_1062 (640x479)

There are very few ‘loop’ trails from the west side.  The few that do loop are really popsicles with the loop on the east side and the accesses can be achieved from this entrance.

IMG_1064 (640x477)IMG_1065 (479x640)

A few actual hiking trails just connect the service roads that may be closed if an active event is happening.  The service roads are wide gravel, to single lane dirt, or a rocky path.  Wearing good boots helps, and I could use some new boots!
IMG_1066 (640x479)IMG_1067 (640x481)
IMG_1068 (640x474)IMG_1070 (640x478)
IMG_1071 (640x479)IMG_1072 (640x471)

You’ll also want a good trail map of this area.  Many of the trail markings face south into the persistent sun.  This is one of the still legible ones, although some are better, many are worse.
IMG_1074 (640x478)

This side is popular with local mountain bikers and joggers.  For hiking I’d recommend to exit 52 at Mast and park in the lot just south.  Better trail markings, more shade, lots of history, and again DO NOT cross under 52.

Several readers have camped at Santee Lakes, but there is also a campground with Mission Trails at Kumeyeaay Lake Campground.

This is a test post as I really do not have much to say.  But Sherry of  In the Direction of Our Dreams has reported Open Live Writer is acting up again and is in need of a test.

Preparations are starting for Borrego Days!
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