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May 11, 2024

Final Days on the East Coast

We had this brilliant idea of either long driving days to the Everglades, or bike riding a few of Georgia’s Islands.  Islands it is.

And then … RAIN !!! Bucket loads!  But as we approached Tybee Island it cleared!  Sweet!

It’s Sunday and there is NO free parking on the island.  But the Post Office is closed …Isn’t that federal, not island property?  We didn't get a ticket!

The bike path is pretty lame, going only along 2nd Ave (2 blocks off the beach), no boardwalk :(

We did get down to the beach

And the pier.

I have been craving a fish taco!  A taste of home.  And Pier 16 is said to have the best on the island.  Only it’s not at the pier ;)  Still a pretty good taco plate.

As we returned to the Post Office, the rains also returned!  At least our ride was dry!

With constant rain, heavy at times, we moved on to Florida.  Where Big Talbot Island provided a great ride.

It is 6.3 miles out and then back

A fun ride!

We continued south on FL A1A to the St Johns River Ferry.  Only $14 for Rufus to enjoy the ride to Mayport.

And it was lunch time.  Singleton's Seafood Shack is next to the ferry landing.  My bestest ever oyster Po Boy!  Next time east I'll have to ask Gay where her favorite can be found!  And Fran’s Deviled Crabs were darn good too!

We continued south to Daytona Beach, where they not only race on the track, they drive on the beach.

Or just dip their toes in the water …

Finally reaching Cocoa Beach, and the end of my Atlantic Pilgrimage. 


I may be a Hodad, but I can still dress in style.

And from Ron Jon Surf Shop we finally pointed Rufus west, passing through the Ocala National Forest, with a nice lunch stop on the lake.

A wonderful night at Salt Springs

And what we thought would be a fun stop was again dampened with torrential rains!

But it was nice to be at home on the beach for a couple days.  It didn’t rain all the time!

The air quality alarm went off about 5:30 am!  I replaced the LP sensor with a multi gas sensor, and it indicated the RV had been closed up and CO2 levels were high.  This thing is a bit too sensitive as it will go off with a wine spill!

But I was up for a sunrise!

We planned to meetup with our niece Janet and family Eglin Air Force Base for a visit.  Guest passes are issued at the Air Force Armament Museum.  We arrived early, thanks to an hour time difference and my early wakeup alarm.

We took a quick walk around the outside exhibits, lots of exhibits!

All exhibits are labeled with a bit of information about the plane and its manufacture and use.

This missile was manufactured in San Diego by General Dynamics.  As the factory would down we played volleyball at Missile Park.

An F4 Phantom.  As a Navy AT I worked on their electronics.  I knew the AF also flew them.  But why the tailhook ???

Not just fighter planes but exhibits of heavy lifting.

The last B25 built!  Those brave men under Lt. Colonel Doolittle launched themselves from the USS Hornet, providing the first attack on Japanese soil.  The team trained at Elgin AFB.

Sleek and fast

A lot more exhibits outside and even more inside!, as Janet arrives to escort us through security checks and obtain base passes.  We followed her home .. A home with a driveway long enough for the Rufus!  The kids played in the backyard while we chatted.

Notice the house is right on the water!  The benefits of an officer's wife!

We all enjoyed Marion's pizza for lunch!

Cute, energetic Anne; Blue is a wonderful young man;
and Janet their awesome mother

Westward Ho!!! We now head west with just over a week to complete the drive.  We do not want to miss Kg’s graduation from Long Beach State.  GO Sharks!


  1. Love the Florida beaches. Lots of hardware to look at while on the Base.
    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of the family.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the graduation.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick! For sure lots of items on the base for the curious.
      And Happy Mother's Day to Kathy and the mothers in your family.

  2. As much as we enjoy our east coast travels, it always feels good when we turn west once again. Whew, you're going to be doing a lot of long driving days! Looks like a fun place to ride your bikes, glad you got some dry time in between the rains. Sweet water front sites!!

    1. Happy Mother's Day, Jodee! Enjoyed the trip and the seafood! And you're right it feels good heading west! It's just over 2,000 miles from Eglin AFB to home, so you're again, right we have some long days ahead, but hope to get another seafood lunch or two!

  3. Bay and JoeMay 12, 2024

    Hi Jeff…I have been watching the news and weather. Rainy days in the south in the summer are not very pleasant with the humidity…sorry! I’m happy to read you had some nice days thrown in the mix too. My favorite oyster po boy in Florida came from a “hole in the wall” joint somewhere in the bay and the other restaurant I really enjoyed was on the corner in Apalachicola… I think it was the Seafood Grill. I remember the oysters in Apalachicola as being the best I have ever had and a fun trip on the Harley from Destin or Panama City Beach. Nice trip down memory lane thinking about those days years ago…😃👏. Your sunrise photo is beautiful! Safe travels…

    1. AnonymousMay 12, 2024

      Just call me Bay…😬😩

    2. Good morning Gay ... er Bay! Fran had her best crabcakes in Apalachicola on a little bar/grill near the water. I should have asked you for seafood ideas. Traffic around Destin Island and Panama City was just bonkers! We didn't even try to go.
      As Jodee says, 'it always feels good when we turn west once again'.

  4. Jim and Barb's Adventures

    Love that food on the east coast! Love Tybee Island too, but so expensive. Maybe not compared to where you are from, but it was for us. Safe travels as you head west!

    1. I too can't get enough of the east Coast seafood! The Pacific Northwest also has good offerings, but San Diego only a few places - including Point Loma Seafood.

  5. brilliant idea - parking on "federal land"! My mouth is watering at all that wonderful seafood. I'm a little over Mexican food at this point and would kill for some good, fresh seafood! Choices, choices....
    Safe travels west.

    1. Despite all the Marion's Pizza, I lost a couple pounds by the time we left Dayton. But with that awesome seafood I found it1, and a couple pounds more :)


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