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April 11, 2024

Capturing the Eclipse

Safely parked in the side yard of the family estate outside Dayton Ohio.  A perfect spot for a mini-watch party with the family over.

This is why we timed the trip.

Rufus at home for the next few weeks, as the eclipse begins

The eclipse occurred directly overhead.

Looking like Pac Man


It's dark and chilly the last minutes before totality

The Diamond Ring as the sun begins to reappear

Quite a few planes giving eclipse tours

And of course there are always chores to be done while here.  First off the hot water heater was leaking.  Yikes!  I took a look at where it was leaking at the drain valve.  And of course it began gushing!  More than the basement floor drain could handle :(  I shut off the water to the heater and its gas line.

I’ve used Kettering Plumbing before and they were here immediately, drain cleared!  And back the next day with a brand new 40 gallon water heater heater.

Out with the old

In with the new

In the next week the once beautiful maple tree in the front will be taken down :(

Yup it's a big'n
They were to start today, but it's raining.

Once we get the 'got-to-do' list checked off, we’ll have time for some fun!  Looking forward to some up coming fun!


  1. What a huge maple tree! We all have had problems with water heater when it goes out. Great place to end your trip!

    1. Spent a lot cleaning up debris dropped from the winter storms. The tree has so much rot it needs to come down before it falls on the house
      Thanks for stopping by Jeff

  2. Gald you were able to enjoy the Eclipse and get the Water Heater replaced fairly easily.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time/

    1. You're right the water heater was easy, I just had to make a phone call and write the check! Glad you and Kathy were able to enjoy it as well.

  3. I am glad that it was not cloudy so you could enjoy the eclipse!

    1. The weather was certainly a concern! but the clouds held off for perfect viewing conditions. But it's been raining ever since!

  4. Gay and JoeApril 12, 2024

    Hi Jeff….so cool to be in the line of totality. Great eclipse photos. Sorry about the hot water heater. We had that happen years ago when living in GA. What a mess as the carpet in our den was under water! Up coming fun sounds wonderful! 😎

    1. At least it good weather for the eclipse, but has rained continually since. The water heater was no fun, but just a phone call and a check and we have plenty of hot water now!
      Like your smiley face with the sunglasses!

  5. Nice that you arrived in time for the big event! Sorry that you're going to lose that big old tree, I hate to see them come down....

    1. It's a sad decision to take the maple down, it's nearly 100 years old! but there's too much rot to save it. :(
      Fran's been looking for replacement tree(s).


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