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March 19, 2023

Visitors–Marty and Juanita

Fran and I picked up Marty and Juanita from at the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) after their flight from Mazatlán.  One of their bags was very heavy!  I asked what was in it, he answered ‘wine’.

Apparently he did not understand that only 2 liters of adult beverages can be brought accross the border, when Volaris said there was no limit on what he can carry to Tijuana!

US Customs did allowed him to bring it all in, ‘this time’.

See why he's my favorite brother?

And here’s another favorite brother moment.

He enjoys doing the yard work!

If you missed my previous post you can catch up on our Borrego Springs adventure HERE.

Font's Point

It was windy and cold there, and it was much of the same here.

One of the indoor days we whipped out a jigsaw puzzle.

Juanita makes an excellent salsa.

She lines the pan with foil so she does not burn the pan, since she uses no oil.

We braved a cold overcast day to wander a bit in Old Town.  Really not much going on that day.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Note the little red buttons in front of the votive candles?  Electric prayer candles!


Old town Market

We all enjoyed Taco Tuesday at Offshore Tavern and Grill.

Certainly one of the best and also the closest.

I didn’t do a very good job of documenting their visit, but did spend a great deal of quality time enjoying their company.  But Marty did capture a couple pics of a family gathering at our house.

Fran, Jason, Susan, Kami, Juanita

Jason, Marty
Yes the sun did finally come out!

One good thing from all the wind a bunch of Macadamia nuts were blown down from high up in the tree beyond my each.  More then enough for another cake!


  1. Gay and JoeMarch 19, 2023

    Visits with family are always a fun time…especially when the yard work gets done! Meals at the table when all the chairs are filled are one of the things I enjoy the most! I can’t believe you put that puzzle together in one day! Interesting to read the candles are electric…

    1. Thanks Gay! We had a good visit with dad in Borrego, which is a bit better documented.
      I always enjoy their visits, nice to have a brother as a good friend!
      Electric votive candles ... kinda sacrilegious IMHO ...

  2. Marty sounds like me when it comes to alcohol and border crossings. The agent I had also let me keep my extra bottle but now I know the rules. Looks like you had a great time. I have mixed feelings about lawn care. It can be therapeutic when you have time to do it but a chore when you have to rush to get it done.

    1. Like Marty, I find the yard mostly therapeutic. But with the cost of water in San Diego, a garden is a very expensive hobby!

  3. electric votive candles!? It's nice to have a friend/brother visit, especially when he mows grass, brings libations and salsa! I envy you those macadamias.....

    1. It's always great to have them visit, good times and good food. I'd look forward to cracking those Macadamia nuts, but Fran concoctions make it worth the effort.


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