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April 06, 2023

San Diego - FUN, Updates and TWINS

FUN stuff

Like so much of SoCal our little corner is running well below normal temps and well above normal rainfall.  We spent a couple days on another jigsaw puzzle.

This is a Randsburg Escape Room Puzzle and is a bit of a challenge in that all the border pairs are all cut the same and there is NO accurate picture of what the finished result looks like!  “A unique puzzle experience – The image is slightly different than the box image.”  and it’s missing a piece.

The rains relented the end of March and we wanted to be outside.  I snagged a site at the county’s Guajome Regional Park.

And tickets to the Salena tribute band Anything For Salinas at the Moonlight Amphitheater in nearby Vista.. 

The warmup performance was done by the high school’s Folklorico Dancers.

The colorful flowing dress are a treat to watch.

The Anything For Salinas performance was quite good. 

Although Salina was an American singer, we were the only ‘gringos’ there!

Glad we stayed overnight, not driving home in the dark allowed us to wake up to this beautiful view out the windshield.

The following weekend we took a bike ride around Mission Bay.  The Crew Classic was going.

I spent a full day there last year.  More details of the event can be found on that blog HERE.

We continued our ride along the bike path that was bursting with color.

Yikes the line at the Royal Rooster was all the way into the parking lot!

It was easy to see that a whale watching boat had just dropped off a load of tourists and was ready to depart with a load more.

Makes me wonder if they hand out discounts on the Whale Watching boats.

We continued the ride over to the Aquarius Bar and Grille.  The place was hopping with a Greatful Dead Party.

We found a table in the back and enjoyed our grilled fish tacos.

Across the street from the Aquarius the racing yacht Stars and Stripes was being positioned for a move.

De ANZA COVE Updates

Noticeable progress is being made in De Anza Cove of East Mission Bay.  There are several signs explaining what needs the city wants to meet.

The signs do not mention the goals will be met by removing/reducing the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Baseball Field, Basketball Court, Marina, ...

Along with the signage are graphics as what the final result might look like

Removal of the old trailers is complete and work is progressing on the demolition of the landscaping let by the homeowners.

Including the removal of my avocado tree! :(

A new family exercise/playground area is being constructed near Fiesta Island.

And I’m saving the best for last …


We first met the twins in Aug 2022
Fran has a napping Robin while I am feeding Rowan

Last year the twins Rowan and Robin were introduced in the blog The Route to Denver – and TWINS.

Fran’s sister and her family had not yet met them.  It was a quick stop, but glad they made the effort to squeeze all of us in.

So much bigger 8 months later

Grilled cheese being enjoyed by Rowan? Robin?

and his brother

That’s cheating when they are dressed alike!

After lunch it was playtime at Maruta Gardner playground in Bonita Cove.  Lucca liked the slides and swings.

while the boys took a nap

Dad tried out a very uncomfortable hammock for a quick rest for himself.

After the boys woke, it was their turn to take a ride on the swings.

Dad with the twins.

The elder cousins enjoyed wearing out the visiting trio.

I’ll end with Lucca saying goodnight to all.  She has a plane to catch in the morning.

Ain/t she a cutie?


  1. Glad to hear that they finally removed all of the old trailers at MB. Twins! Reminds me that we need to work our way over to Raleigh NC as we will have a new grandbaby this fall.

    1. Progress has been slow at Mission Bay, but finally noticeable is being made.
      Congrats on your new grand!

  2. Looks beautiful in the place you stayed overnight. Lucca and the twins are cuties. Glad all is going well.

    1. Yes Guajome is a nice park that is popular for day use, but quiet overnight. Sure was nice not having to drive the hour home in the dark. Those kids are all delightful additions to the clan.

  3. Jodee GravelApril 08, 2023

    Beautiful weather is even more so after so much rain and cold! How fun to get out and see some live music. The kiddos are adorable and of course growing way too fast! Good night Lucca :-)))

    1. Thanks Jodee! It was a great weekend for us especially being able to spend a day with the kids.

  4. Gay and JoeApril 08, 2023

    What a fun post Jeff! You hit the jackpot with beautiful SoCal weather and fun things to do. Nothing like some beach time and live music. And those grilled fish tacos made my mouth water! The twins are so cute and growing so fast. Good night Lucca…I love your name!

    1. Thanks Gay! We had postcard perfect weather for our day at the park. Lucca sure enjoyed all the fun equipment and made a few friends. She is quite social! We miss them already.

  5. I bet it was great to see the twins and Lucca. I just would not have the energy to watch them for very long. I bet it was also nice to get out and see some sights. The weather looks beautiful!

    1. It was a perfect day for the park. Lucca was easy to watch, as she just played on the equipment. But the twins had to taste the grass, sand, swings, etc.

  6. Looks like you're making your own fun, good weather or not! I've been following the DeAnza Cove thing and wonder if we'll ever stay there again. We have nice memories of our times there but hope the new improvements don't turn it into another Campland, a place we didn't really like the looks of....ah well, somethng to watch as it moves forward!

    1. Altho I don't think it will become what Campland is now, Campland does have the lease on the property and will be responsible for the guests. It may still be an improvement over the parking lot it is now.


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