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August 29, 2022

Our final week in Dayton

Our big project this trip was to finish the kitchen.  The walls, ceiling and trim are all now painted!

Fran ordered the flooring from Floor and Decor.  We had to take the RV to Cincinnati to pick it up.  I added another splash of Diesel Kleen and surprised that the check engine warning is now extinguished.  Guess that whack loosened up the valve, as it appears to be opening and closing as required.

A bit of excitement yesterday afternoon when a small fast moving tornado passed by.  I hunkered down in the RV.  The house is concrete, Fran stayed inside.

Lots of wind and rain, just close enough to mess up the back porch and knock down a few branches.  

And give me a new project, the RV has a leak near the bathroom skylight.  That will have to wait until we return home.

The new range has been delivered, the flooring and base boards installed!, and it is looking good!

Marion's Piazza is a Dayton tradition.  They are consistently voted the Best-of.  We have a 25% off coupon, and it's time for lunch.  We split a pizza while they made up out take out order.

Marion's has been making the pizza the same way for 57 years.  The portions are the same now as then, of course the price has gone up :)  The RV freezer holds 6 Marion’s pizzas.  We order them ‘half-baked’ and uncut, then put two in each box.

After freezing them in the house overnight, I transferred them to the RV freezer for the trip home.

Another concert in the park.  This was a swing band down in Springboro.  The band was pretty good,

but the fish tacos were lame.

The concerts there are sponsored by Warped Wing Brewing.

Dang did not get a pic of their sign, but here are the Wright Brothers discussing the advantage of Wing Warping.

Although we try to do a bit of work on the house each day, we finally got a day off from chores.  We used it to take a bike ride to Triangle Park.  Our route took us past the Carillon, always a favorite stop for me, but doubt we'll have the time this trip.

From the Carillon the bike path follows the Miami River to the confluence with the Mad River.  Then the Mad River to the Stillwater River, back to the Miami River, before reaching Triangle Park.

Triangle park is recognized as the site of the first NFL game.  It was here that Dayton defeated Columbus 14-0 on Oct 3 1920.

Our route back took us through the University of Dayton campus to the bike trail near home.  Instead of going directly home we wanted to stop for lunch at a Thai restaurant on Patterson Ave.  Fran carried her bike up the steps to Patterson, not me - I rode on to the end of the path and the two blocks over to Patterson - my way was longer by a couple minutes.

Across the street from Marion's Piazza is another favorite local lunch stop.  Massaman Thai Cuisine.

For lunch I ordered a dish spicy vegetable with shrimp and Jasmin rice.  I think this is my new favorite.

We'll be here for another week as we complete the projects we started and cleanup.


  1. It’s Gay…your kitchen looks great. It’s so great to execute a plan that all comes together and looks just like you pictured it would. Love the floor and the drop leaf table reminds me of one my mom had. The pizza looks yummy and the outdoor concert sounds like a lot of fun, but tornado warnings, not so much. Why did you go to the RV…just curious.

    1. Thanks Gay! The kitchen did turn out pretty good. The drop leaf table was red, Fran stripped it down to match her turquoise color theme.
      I was in the RV when the tornado warning came, just seemed like a good idea at the time to stay put.

    2. We had a tornado go thru our backyard when I was about 5 years old. Took the old detached garage, the goat pen (no goats at the time), and a few back porch steps. It’s pretty scary stuff! Glad you are OK with minimal damage.

    3. Our bit of wind and rain did little damage, and the famous funnel cloud never did form in our area. Still the hardest rain I've ever seen.

  2. Kitchen finished, percussive maintenance successful, and full freezer.....what could possibly be next?

    1. It does feel good to have completed another room. Fran's folks had 6 kids in this house ... so there will always be a new room to bring back to use.
      It does feel good to be leaving with our limit of Marion's pizza.

  3. Jodee GravelSeptember 01, 2022

    Progress feels great, as does having a tornado go around you! That pizza does look amazing. Haven't have much luck with them this trip. How fun to see Triangle Park, a stop we need to add to our NFL list!

    1. Marion's pizza is a bit unique and a favorite of ours. Always want to fill the freezer each trip. To be clear the old football field is now a baseball field. The NFL did try to redo a football field at the site, but ran into ancient Native American ruins and abandoned the effort around 1960.
      Take the picture at Triangle Park and then enjoy the Carillon or visit the Wright Brothers sites. BTW in Springboro they offer rides in a Wright B Flyer - remanufactured to current standards.

  4. The kitchen looks good. Nice to return to known restaurants. Pizza only fits in my freezer out of box.

    1. We feel pretty good with the kitchen, too. But Fran is now thinking that a new countertop is needed ...
      Nice that we can fit Marion's pizza into the freezer for the trip home. Altho we may it a couple on the way :)

  5. It occurred to me when I saw your comment on my post that I hadn't seen anything from you recently. So I pulled up your site and it looks like you are one of the many bloggers whose articles I am no longer receiving by email. Blogger changed something and now I am not getting notifications of new posts from any of the Blogger sites I follow. I saw someone else comment on another blog that they, too, hadn't been receiving notifications. Anyway, if you're wondering where folks disappeared to, that's probably why.

    Anyway, good to catch up and hear the latest...and really glad that tornado went around you. Scary, scary stuff. Stay well.

    1. Obrigada for following along, Laura, and yes it is Blogger that has dropped email of blog posts, security concerns...
      I too am so glad the tornado went by. The RV may not have been the best place to wait it out. We'll be back on the road tomorrow after having a nice Labor Day with Fran's family.
      Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  6. Replies
    1. Glad we brought some Marion's Pizza home. Need go back for more Thai tho ...


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