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September 17, 2022

The Road Home

We hung out in Kettering until Labor Day to avoid the crowds of the holiday weekend.  Being in Ohio we had to cheer the Reds as the Cubs totally dominated them on the MLB field adjacent to The Field of Dreams.

Fran checked out the movie DVD from the local Kettering Library.  We both enjoyed it more the second time.  So … it’s now going to be a stop on the way home.

to get there we stopped at the Knoxville KOA the evening before.  I’m not a big fan of KOA, but this one impressed even me.  My highest review ever for a KOA!

Bill and Jodi of On the Road Abode, were at The Field of Dreams just a couple weeks ahead of us.  Their blog can be read HERE.

For sure, it is now a tourist trap!  And everything – home tour, museum, hot dog, etc. – all are a bit expensive.

But access to the ball field,

bleachers remain open to the public.

In the movie, the daughter, Karin chokes on a hot dog.  Doc “Moonlight” Graham steps off the field to save her.  So I had to have a $4 hot dog and eat it in the bleachers.  And a souvenir bottle of wine.

We returned to the Lincoln Highway at Marshalltown.  Just west of town we stopped at Shady Oaks Campground.  Oh my what a find!  Judy, the owner/host, has lived on the property all her life.  And she knows the history of the Lincoln Highway and the area specifically.

Original sign from the Lincoln highway
Fun arts around the campground

Large garden.  We enjoyed an Acorn Squash ... No tomatoes :(

After a very heavy fog it was a chilly 44F when we stopped for the night at the Walmart in Laramie WY.  Fortunately it was Fran’s turn to drive that section  :)

We spent Saturday night at Island Acres section of the James Robb state park in Colorado.  Perfect!  Just a few minutes east of the Sunday morning Palisade Farmers Market!

Big crowd!  Arrive early

A VW bus converted into an expresso bar

We left with a few Palisade peaches, Olathe corn and a small peach pie.   So much fun to walk around and enjoy the live music.

After leaving the market, we continued west, then south through Moab to Bluff, UT.  Our only stop was at Goosenecks State Park.

Last time we were here it was FREE.  Now be prepared the $5 Day Use Fee to take a couple pictures or $10 to spend the night.

We spent the night at Cadillac RV Park for its advertised FAST FREE WiFi.  Not all that fast, but it was free :)

Fran drove the section through Monument Valley as I took pictures out the window, and at the pullouts.


We always stop at the Burger King in Kayenta.  It hosts a Navajo Code Talkers museum.


and a small Navajo village museum.

My kid brother’s ex-wife and her brother Rick were raised in Wolf Creek Montana on a reservation.  Rick married a Navajo gal whose grandfather was one of the original 29 code talkers.  We had a great Christmas with them as the gals showed off their Indian Fry Bread skills.

I have seen my Padres play a pre-season game at each of the Cactus League stadiums.  We have also stayed at a variety of accommodations, and I can say that Usery Reginal Park is a favorite.

Gay and Joe of good-times-rollin are awesome blogger friends that we get with when we all can.  They live a half hour south of Tucson but suggested meeting at El Charro (the oldest Mexican Restaurant in Tucson) for lunch.

Gay, me, Fran, Joe

I did not take many pictures, we were too busy talking and enjoying the good times.  They are known for their traditional Carne Seca (dry meat – jerky), which I was happy I tried!  They make it with sun-dried beef, then shredded and rehydrated in a mild spicy red sauce.  Very tasty! 
El Charro was awesome!  Thanks for the suggestion, Gay!  and Joe … thanks for lunch!

Our final stop in Gila Bend at what is now Sonoran Desert RV Park.  This was formally a KOA and last time we were here Augie’s Quail Trail.  Vastly improved!  Yupper we’d stay here again!

Except for the mandatory stop in Dateland for a Date Shake, we boogied on home. 

There’s no place like home!


  1. Glad you two are home safe and sound with a fine trip in the rear view mirror. You traveled some of the territory we're in now, and I wish we were back home to have a good visit with you on your way. Next time!

    1. Thanks Suzi! It is good to be home for a bit. I did think of your home since we passed near by. Still unpacking, so we can prepare for our next outing ...

  2. It’s Gay…What a fun trip home guys. The drive thru Monument Valley is one of our favorites…over and over again! It’s always fun seeing you & Fran! Until next time…

    1. Thanks Gay. We too enjoy the Monument Valley drive, it's different north to south from south to north. Nice to see those seemingly impossible monuments from the other side.
      Always good to see you and Joe, looking forward to our next visit.

  3. One correction- Finkbeiners reside in Wolf Point of siniboinne-Soux (apologies for spelling) reservation, top right corner of MT, wolf creek is west side closer to Great Falls.
    That was a looong but fun filled trip ! I’m jelly

    1. Thanks for the correction - Wolf Point ... not Wolf Creek. Do you remember the 'grandfather's' name? I was thinking it was Brown, but there were 2 Browns in that original group.

  4. Wow, you really covered some geography. The pictures really tell the story and reveal good times had by all. Monument Valley rock formations are awesome.

    1. It's a great destination. But then so is so much of Utah


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