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May 14, 2022

Imperial Beach

We have been picking up our library books at the Pacific Beach location, as our local library is still Covid-closed.  But sometimes I’ll find something at the San Diego County Library that is not available within the San Diego City Library system.

Yesterday the Imperial Beach County Library informed me my hold on “La Leyenda” (The Legend) was available.  [It’s a collection of some of Selena’s best known work].

With the bike loaded up, I drove to Pepper Park in Chula Vista to begin my ride along the Bayshore Bikeway to Imperial Beach

Pepper Park is a quiet setting across the Sweetwater River from the Discovery Center at Gunpowder Point.


The park has a few pieces of whimsical art.

The Chula Vista Bayfront Project is ongoing, but the results are quite good.

As I enter the bikeway I notice the old RR bridge has begun it’s inevitable fall into the estuary.

Before the Bikeway was completed I rode across those old train tracks into Imperial Beach.  I sure would not do that now!

The Bayshore Bikeway is well marked and at times returns to a designated street.

I took the detour along Marina Parkway and watched these animated arrows following the wind.  A mesmerizing and silent art work.

And the myrtle trees were spectacular against the blue sky, a nice detour.

There is a noticeable wind and the paddle boarders are enjoying the shelter of the harbor.  But they are sitting on their Standup Paddle Boards, too windy to stand.

The tide is out and the sea gulls without much shelter, huddle in the sand and hunker down against the wind.

Fran and I rode this section of the Bikeway when it was first completed.  We mentioned that the Spray Can Artists will love these large gray concrete canvases.  Apparently the city thought the same, and offered local artists a chance to display their work.

it’s not Chicano Park, but it is a welcome addition to the Bikeway.

the bike route goes past the South Bay Salt Works.  They take advantage of the tides to create evaporative ponds to remove the water from the saltwater, leaving pure sea salt.

An evaporative pond slowly releasing its water and leaving its salt.

I picked up my album at the County Library on 8th Street, just 8 blocks from the beach.  I then rode down to Seacoast Drive to check out the birdwatching at the Tijuana Estuary.

At the entrance there is an observation spot with FREE spotting scopes.

At the end of Seacoast Drive the ocean provides a hypnotic rhythm.

It's a great place to sit with your best friend and enjoy the sounds of the surf..

Alas no birds today, but always a nice day just the same.

Imperial Beach bills itself as ~“Classic SoCal, an authentic seaside community and the most southwesterly city in the continental U.S.”

It certainly is a vibrant place to visit, even just for a trip to the library.  😎


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2022

    It’s Gay…sure makes me homesick for a place we love to visit. What a wonderful day. There is nothing quite like the beach and ocean air. Love the murals…

    1. It certainly is a great area to visit. i was sure you and Joe would recognize much of that area. Altho both Imperial Beach and Chula Vista have murals around, those on the ride are only visible from the bikeway.

  2. Love the sea serpent!! What a great ride with so much variety to enjoy. Glad there's an alternate to the railroad bridge now :-) My boys and I used to stay at the condos next to the pier in IB, right on the sand, it was a great spot for a few days vacation!

    1. Did not ride up to the pier on this trip, but there always seems to be some fun activity going on there. Glad you enjoyed those vacations.

  3. I love the "spray can" art!

    1. There are more concrete canvas available there, too! I hope the city continues to encourage these quality art projects.

  4. Nice ride to exercise body and mind.

    1. Body for sure! It's a nice level ride, but it's like 20 miles and mostly mindless ;)


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