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May 23, 2022

Fiesta del Sol - Solana Beach

Fiesta del Sol is the Kickoff To Summer held annually at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach.

I again parked near the arches marking the Solana Beach section of the Coastal Rail Trail.

If you have the chance to walk or bike the Solana Beach section of the Coastal Rail Trail, don't miss the arches.

This history of Solana Beach is displayed via their inlays.  The railroad joined Solana Beach in 1882.

Coastal Rail Trail arch is just inside the Solana Beach arch.

Over a century after the railroad arrived Solana Beach incorporated as a city in 1986.

And today there’s surfing at Fletcher Cove, which is my destination today.

The trail is very well manicured, with its landscaping was in full Spring bloom.  Here's a few pictures I stopped to take of the flowers..


And the elusive desert five spot.  Well it’s a bit elusive in the desert (I’ve only seen a couple), but pretty common in landscaping as a maintained ornamental.

I parked my bike near the entrance to Fletcher Cove, next to a dog friendly drinking fountain.

And the landscaping marking the entrance.

So very many vendors along the main street.  Most were locals offering art, but some offering commercial products.  I suspect this mask vendor would do better at an event closer to Halloween.

The stuffed animal keychains are whimsical and imported from Thailand.

I’m sure Fran would say I have more than enough Hawaiian shirts.  But there were a few nice ones in that collection I thought of taking home.

Of course there were lots of food options.  Thai dishes are usually pretty good.

But they do not compare to a good taco IHMO.

I actually considered that cauliflower taco!  But resisted …

I could hear Mexican music coming from the main stage.  There were a dozen young gals in their folkloric best dancing.

And their older classmates.

I wandered down toward the ocean, where there was a kids play area with various games, including cornhole.  But the kids were tossing the bean bags at each other!  It was kinda fun but they were to quick for a picture, but the rock wall climber was pretty slow.

About this time a band took over the main stage.  I didn’t care for their loud unfamiliar music.  So moved further down the beach.  Just a few surfers out there waiting for the next perfect wave.

For $12,000 I could have driven a street legal golf cart over to the Farmers Market that began at noon.

But I rode my bike over instead.  It's in the high rent area of Cedros Avenue, the Design District of Solana Beach.  Didn’t see any Cedar Trees, guess somebody liked the sound of word cedar in Spanish.

This is a nice market.  It’s not big, but has various offerings from the local backyard growers.


Carrots and lots of vegetables

A Persian booth offering Carrot Jam, new to me

A Chez Christophe booth.  French bakery items, with salads and sandwiches.  Well this is Solana Beach, no hot dogs or philly cheese here.

So where did I end up for lunch? Subway!  Foot long turkey breast with all the entire garden (including peppers) and no dressing.  Half for lunch and half for dinner.  I seem to collect fast food gift cards.  I still have a Carl's Jr, this Subway and TWO for Rubio's fish tacos - one is two years old!  I need to get out more :)

Even under the May Gray skies it was a pretty darn good day.  Trust yours was too.


  1. My was good but your's was better. Always nice checking out the street venders.
    Be Safe and Enjoy using your Bicycle.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick! I don't need an excuse to explore the beach communities. but the local happenings do offer an incentive.

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2022

    It’s Gay…I’ll say it was a great day. That is a new to us place to visit. Love the spring blooms and markets. I’m not sure I could have resisted the French bakery or the fresh cut flowers! Love the Mexican dancers…I was disappointed to have missed the dancers and Mariachi Festival at Patagonia State Park this year so thanks for sharing those colorful skirts!

    1. Hi Gay! The dancers are definitely unique and fun to watch. The market is one of the smaller ones, but has a good selection of items. For sure Solana Beach is worth a visit.

  3. Thai vs Tacos??? Whoa.... I may need to write out a pros and cons list of each. This is NOT an easy decision!! :)

    1. LOL ! You are so right ! Guess I'll have to go back and try them both. We have good choices of both here, but not Portuguese. Post a few recipes from your new home. ... Still amazed/shocked/envious of your next adventure!

  4. The only place I have seen five-spot is Death Valley. Love the dog fountain. I'd take Thai. Nice way to greet summer.

    1. Thai would have been a good choice. I've seen the 5 spot while camping in Borrego a couple times.

  5. Love the detail on the columns and those five spot! Elusive in the desert is right! The dancers colorful costumes brightened up the grey day didn't they?

    1. The folkloric dancers in the colorful outfits can resemble butterflies as the flutter about. Many of the dances require much more grace than I'll ever have.

  6. Those columns are so pretty. Isn't it nice to have the time to stop and enjoy the creativity? I keep hoping for some spring bloom so thanks for sharing yours! All those interesting options and you ended up with Subway, you must really be a fan. It's wonderful there are so many fun places to ride your bike!

    1. I really do like riding in Solana Beach, every time I stop at the arches something new catches my eye..
      Ha - That Subway gift card has been in my wallet for a couple years. I got 2 meals out of that 'free' sandwich, but next time Thai or Tacos for sure!


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