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February 19, 2022

Encinitas - Vegan popup

Although the Encinitas Vegan Pop Up is on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  Today was February 19th, which launches their first festival of the year.

So today we are off to Encinitas.

Where we want to check out the Vegan Pop Up and find something for lunch.

33 food vendors and 17 merchandise vendors!  So many choices!   And all I want is something for lunch.

A vegan sushi burrito? No thanks! A non-vegan sushi burrito? No Thanks!

Feed Your Soul had a tempting ‘Spicy Chik’n Sandwich’, but at $14 too expensive, I might have to toss it :)

Ah Cuban!  I like their sandwiches, but can’t pronounce anything on their vegan menu!

Free samples offered here.  I opted for the mushroom bits with serrano chili, Fran tried the lentils.

Both were OK, but I'd not want a whole bowl of either.

Now the pizza looked really good!  But bear in mind that this is plant based peperoni, plant based sausage and plant based cheese … Too many unknowns for me!


This was like the buffet … Pick your plant, then add it to another plant ...  Don’t get it, but ‘Plant-based meats' had the longest line!

I'm getting hungry by now and curry is tempting.  We both like curry, but vegan curry ‘chick'n’ wings ???


So what did I have for lunch?  A Fysh Taco, of course!

SeaCo was voted ‘best of’ in 2019 and 2021.

It was good!  But I just ordered just one fysh taco for $7, should have gotten 2 for $13.

OK so I did add Chalupa sauce :) - it wasn't needed.

Fran chose the stir-fry rice noodles.  Not sure the oil used, but they sure glistened in the February sun. 

I win!  and Fran agrees.  She also liked her bite my 'fysh' taco.  But  I had to cover my mouth to keep from spitting out my bite of her noodles!

It was a fun and different day for us, hope you had a good one too!


  1. My what high tastes you two have. I don't know much beyond burgers, hotdogs and steak 😀

    1. LOL - not a bad idea when you're on the road.

  2. We worked on taxes so your day was MUCH better Jeff! Not a big fan of plant based meats…

    1. With all the chemicals used to engineer a plant substitute for meat, I really doubt they are healthier than meat they are to replace.
      But San Diego has such a collection of different foods it was a fun day.

  3. I like veggies, and real meat. But I often will choose vegetarian if it looks good on a menu.

    1. I too like the veggies, and altho the chemicals used in the plant based meats might do a fair job of replicating the taste, I'm not of their overall effects. Still an interesting lunch experiment.


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