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February 12, 2022

De Anza Cove - Progress of sorts

After years of delays some progress is being made in the revitalization of northeast corner of San Diego’s Mission Bay; the city released their new brief on DeAnza Cove.

City of San Diego final plan

Although not what we residents voted and taxed ourselves for, at least it is finally movement. 

First le me try to explain the city’s decision as I understand it.  And I think the graphic is deliberately vague and fuzzy :)

The existing marsh wetlands are in dark olive-green.  The light olive-green will be additions to the wetlands.

The beige shows Campland on the Bay, Rose Creek and much of existing De Anza Cove incorporated into sage/grassland buffer zones.

Pink will become ‘guest parking’, that is the political correct way of saying the RV Campground.

Light-green will be an executive 9-hole golf course.  The existing 18-hole course will be expanded to three 9-hole courses.

The current marina and basketball courts will be deleted.

The dark green is everything else, including the new tennis courts - don’t talk to Fran about that!

Here’s a few pictures from my walkabout.

Construction is nearly complete on a “Adult Fitness Course”. 

Please! enjoy this fitness addition as us locals are paying $8.4 million for it!

Those majestic Mexican palms are not native to san Diego and are slated to be removed :(

As I bike around the redevelopment zone there are now numerous markings where various projects will be done.

The Mike Gotch multiuse pedestrian bridge will remain, regardless of the rerouting of Rose Creek.

Rose Creek will not be the same when the Campland and the moorings are removed.  It might even be a better view.

The osprey don’t seem to care, as another nest has been built in the lights over the Mission Bay High football field.  Look close as mother is sitting on what will be this spring's hatchlings.

I’ve mentioned before that Campland is good at landscaping.  When Fran and I lived in De Anza our lot was there.  It became so overgrown it was not visible from the footbridge. 

Glad to see that a buyer thought it was worth saving, no idea where it was moved.

The new RV park will have a community center and swimming pool.

The RV park is full during a weekday.  A bit of a surprise.  We’re having our house fumigated for termites and there’s no space for us here, in fact no space in the area!  We need to be available, but out of the house for 3 days.

So I came up with this post for the windshield of the RV.

Think it will work?  

Looking across Rose Creek at Campland on the Bay.  This will all become marshland.


The condos will stay, but the marina will be gone.  The area in front of the condos will also become marshland.

The marshland will extend to Crown Point.  But there really isn’t much in this section of waterfront anyway.

I’m sure I mentioned the great job of landscaping being done by Campland at the Mission Bay RV Park.  Here’s an example as I leave the RV park.

The Mission Bay Beach Club is a great addition, but has yet to open the restaurant.

and the Superbloom  coffee continues to do a steady business.

Along this section of Mission Bay much of the 8’ multi-use boardwalk is being replaced/updated

The reduction of the boardwalk from 8’ to 4’ makes a challenge for riding a bike.  So I ride on the grass, although the city would prefer I didn’t  :)

Palm Tree Island off Fiesta Island looked especially nice this morning.

That's all I have on the changes along de Anza Cove at this time.  


  1. It will be interesting to hear what those who use the Marina think of the changes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick! I agree it will be interesting what the city provides ...

  2. Thanks, Jeff, for the update. I appreciate all the details. It will be interesting to visit and see all the differences.

    1. Next time you visit, I hope we get to meet. It is good to see some progress ... finally!

  3. That's a lot of changes. I like increasing the wetlands.

    1. More wetlands mean more space for the wildfowl, but less for the space for the local taxpayers. Got to admit I'm torn between.

  4. I don't know how you can keep up with all the proposed changes. I hope it all works out for the best.

    1. I doubt it will be 'the best', but it will sure be a lot better than what DeAnza Cove is now.

  5. That’s a lot to take in…we have never stayed at Mission Bay RV because the KOA was much more doggie friendly. I’m sure when all is done, it will be a beautiful area, but $8.4 mil for what looked like a small fitness area sure seems like a lot.
    Sorry you and Fran are troubled with having your home fumigated. And hope you find a place to hang out for a few days.

    1. We may stay at the KOA during the fumigation, besides being doggie friendly it is also in a bicycle friendly area with easy access to Pepper Park and the Chula Vista bikeway to the Silver Strand. Or we may just 'Stealth Camp' in DeAnza Cove ;)

  6. I will be amazed when they finally get this done. I wonder what the total number of campsites will be after the project is done. It looks like it will be a lot less than what Mission Bay and Campland offered as a total. I hope they can get moving on getting those beat up mobile homes moved out and start reconfiguring. Thanks for the update.

    1. Hi Hans!, Enjoying Prescott? A handful of the old homes have been removed along where the golf course side. We can now see our old site thru from there. This project is already years behind schedule and over budget.
      Stay tuned for another update when there is something done.

    2. Jeff, we have been living in San Diego since 9/1/21 as we are helping elderly parents. My mom is in a memory care facility and we moved in with my 92 yr old step dad as he requested our help. We are up in Rancho Bernardo and have been hiking all over San Diego Lately. Hans

    3. Are you Blogging? I'd like to keep up with your hiking.

      Sorry to hear of your folks decline. It was our privilege to have Fran's mom with us for her last two years.

  7. Thanks for keeping us up on what's going on!

    1. You're welcome! If the city would stick to published plan it would be much easier to follow the progress.

  8. Hmmm, I'll withhold judgment until it's done. I'm not crazy about them removing those gorgeous palms though, and 8.4 million for a swing set is obscene. BUT - progress is progress and anything has to be better than those old, dangerous eyesore homes. I'll look forward to more updates as work continues!

    1. There’s actually a couple of these exercise installations so only 4.1 mil ea. Almost a bargain !
      Stay tuned for my future updates on the progress.

  9. Wow that's a lot to follow, although taking so long gives you more time than you'd like to figure it out! I suppose no matter what people think about any of it, it will all happen eventually. Can't imagine making narrower paths makes using them any better :-(

    1. I'm sure I have mistakes in the blog, and will update again as progress continues.
      BTW - the narrow board walk paths are in the work areas, I really expect them to be full width when completed.


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