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February 25, 2022

Bike Mission Bay - for library access

Our local library is a block away, but this March it will have been CovidClosed for 3 years!

Baypark library remains closed

The book return has reopened and the there’s fresh paint on the building.  Maybe it will reopen soon.

But the Pacific Beach branch is open!  So we a place a book we want on hold online, and bike ride to PB.  We enjoy this ride in a counter clockwise direction.

Crown Point

With a stop at the Earl and Birdie Taylor Library on Reed Street.  That’s not a play on words read vs. reed, as Reed Street was there when this building was an elementary school.

Pacific Beach Library 

It may seem backwards, as we start the ride opposite the water on the 'Bay Side', but on the 'Ocean Side' the water is up close.

Gals playing soccer on the beach

Mission Boulevard bisects Mission Beach.  We cross it at Santa Clara Place to Ocean Front Walk.

There's a stop light help cross

When Fran first moved to San Diego she had a studio apartment on San Juan Place.


All the streets that cross Mission Blvd are either called ‘Place’ or ‘Court’.

A bit of trivia ... All the ‘Place’ streets are named after California Missions, a ‘place of worship’.  All the streets with ‘Court’ names are named after beaches, a place for a ‘volleyball court’.

Appropriate names for the Mission Beach community.

Ocean Front Walk  ends at the Entrance Channel to Mission Bay.

Here we cross back to the bay side at Mission Point Park.  Water sports again on the right side, play grounds on the left.

At this point we have to take West Mission Bay Drive to cross the bridge to Quivira Basin.  Our ride is now 12 miles or 3/4 complete and we’re here for lunch.

In Quivira Basin there’s 3 choices for grilled fish tacos:

1.  Sportsman's Seafoods
OK, we have not yet stopped here as their only grilled fish taco is with Ahi, not Fran’s favorite.

They also have a seafood market.

2. Royal Rooster

Grilled Mahi or Grilled Rockfish at $8, it's not cheap, but so good with the spicy red sauce

There is a large menu

and a nice selection of beers

Don’t order wine, your choices are only ‘house red’ or house white’ …  and the red is served chilled!  Never again!

Nice outside seating

with a good view of the marina

It's common to find moms'n'tots sitting on the grass here, also enjoying the marina.

Totally Fran approved!

3.  Aquarius

Aquarius has a full bar

and decent draft beer selection

The seating is kinda lame.  Basically picnic tables in the parking lot.

But it has daily live music and a Happy Hour that starts at 11 am!

And grilled Mahi tacos are 2 for $7! after 11 am.  Tacos are served with a good mango salsa.

Aquarius bills itself as ‘Fun vibes on the Jetty’.  Well the Jetty is 100 yards away.  But for cost alone it's Jeff approved!

All the pics were taken with my old iPhone on a few different February rides.  Yupper February!  Clear, warm days!

Next up our Fumigation StayCation, bet nobody wants to miss that!


  1. Have you tried the Mission Bay Yacht Club. Or are they members only? I bet they would serve you if you showed up on your bikes. Phil

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for following. The MBYC is indeed members only, but we have been there in the past with friends. It's a bit upscale for our ride and dress when all we want is a fish taco each.
      But thanks for the idea, I'll keep them in mind for a special occassion.

  2. Bike ride to the library sounds like my childhood life, but sadly not along the shore.

    1. My childhood bike rides dd not include the shore either. Makes these rides all that much more enjoyable.

  3. It’s so cool that you and Fran go so many places on your bikes (I would be a nervous wreck!) It’s also way cool that folks actually still use a library. I love libraries! “Place” streets and “Court” streets is fun trivia. And you have to already know, my mouth is watering just reading about those yummy fish tacos!

    1. As an educator I'm sure you used a lot of library resources. Fran still does a lot of research, but I mostly just select an audiobook. I like to listen while puttering.
      It is some street name trivia for your next visit. As for grilled fish tacos, the WOW Cafe is remains our favorite by a large margin.

  4. Sadly we have zero exceptional eateries in Sierra Vista, mostly chain restaurants and fast food :-( Makes me even happier that we'll be on the road soon. I'm so glad our library is open and better than our restaurants.

    1. San Diego has food choices!, but we usually go for Mexican, not comparable to what you've found in Hatch NM. But I'd happy to enjoy a good fish taco with you ... my treat when you make it to San Diego.

  5. You had me at "Happy Hour starts at 11:00 a.m."

    That place is paradise, I swear...

    1. LOL - We time our ride to arrive for Happy Hour!


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