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September 28, 2019

Bayview Plaza - Mission Bay update

Bayview Plaza is the name of the development planned by Protea for the Clairemont Trolley Station.

I blogged a couple years ago of Protea’s plans for this vacant lot HERE.  It was just a brief meet-n-greet session, but now plans are well into the works seeking city permissions.

This is the second meeting with Protea and the final opportunity for local/public input.

Residents did express themselves by voting on possible retail spaces desired, as noted by the dots on the options board.  Green means ‘I want it’.

The proposed trolley station looks like others.

But lacking as seen in this overview in that there is no pedestrian overpass, no bike route!  Both HUGE!  Remember, it is permitted to take your bike on the trolley.  

But to be fair safe passage for pedestrians and bicyclists is the responsibility of the city planners.

Yellow dots are a maybe vote, blue are heck-no.

I still like Protea despite the complex is now more than 76’ vice the 30’ that was originally proposed.  Personally I feel the city planners totally left the idea of a viable mobility hub out of the concept.

Parking will be AWFUL, with 156 residential units vying for 86 resident parking spaces.  137 parking spaces are for retail customers (might used by residents) and 150 for trolley use only (too many).

Another concern is seen in Mass Transit Magazine article HERE.  Note there is no environmental study required, and the city will make its decision behind closed doors.

We were traveling on our 2019 Road Trip during the final De Anza Cove public meeting.  I doubt that I would have attended anyway as it was downtown at the City Council.  Basically the De Anza Specific Plan was merged into the larger Mission Bay Plan.

Campland has announced they will be taking over the short term cleanup and support of the Mission Bay RV Park – full article HERE.  The issue with the previous contractor is the amount of asbestos discovered, and they backed out of the clean up.

With the permission of the Coastal Commission to proceed Campland has committed to a 2 year project to clean out the remaining homes and stabilize the shoreline.  That news can be found HERE.

Altho this is called a 'short-term' project, the city just gave away public land for private development.  But, at least it is moving forward, after a long delay.

In exchange Campland will add 150 RV sites on the de Anza peninsula.

The restaurant that was to take over the old Visitor Center, did not secure a liquor license and withdrew :(  The site will now be the Beach Bunny renting toys 'Beach Bikes Boards' is their slogan.

Beach Bunny will have a snack bar, but no adult beverages.

In no special order are a few shots from a bike ride around Mission Bay.

Mariners Point now has paved parking!

Stand Up Paddleboard class in Ventura Cove.

Always some volleyball in South Mission

A protester's writes his message in the sand in PB

The beach was filled with locals enjoying our Local Season, that short times between repeating Tourist Season and Snowbird Season


Meanwhile on the Big Bay, ground breaking on the Chula Vista Bayfront Project was today.  This 535 acre project will add another 246 RV sites to the waterfront.  And include restaurants, public parks, retail, etc.  I wonder if Fran would move to Chula Vista ???


  1. So much progress? is nt always that good, Hope things work out for the better eventually.

    1. I like there is a makeover for Mission Bay in the works, it's way overdue! Guest (RV parking) needs to be addressed too if we wish to continue to be a vacation destination. I'm frustrated the city is looking to add density to support their trolley ... in my hood!

  2. Thanks for the local update. I'd hate to lose our ability to camp there in the future, we have many pleasant memories at Mission....finger's crossed it will all work out!

    1. No worries Suzi, if you come next year I suspect much more of the cleanup work to be done. Once the work is complete (will it ever complete?) I suspect we'll all like and take advantage of the improvements.

  3. So glad you are keeping up with the changes in the area and sharing them with us. We, too, really enjoyed our time at Mission Bay RV in a site along the water. Riding bikes to all the beach towns was such fun.

    1. Hopefully next summer there will start to be some noticeable improvements for your bike rides. I'm looking forward to seeing what eventually develops.

  4. Ahhhh, an update, something tells me there will be price increases very soon...

    1. LOL - I'd bet 2 fish tacos you're right about that!


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