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September 26, 2019

HARRY POTTER: Hogwarts Battle - Defence Against the Dark Arts | Game Unb...

I can't help but show this off. Daughter Kami is on YouTube showing off the Harry Potter game she designed for USAopoly. She's awesome! Both Kg and Aj were the first players of the game to help her work out the kinks.


  1. Congratulations to Kami on what looks like a very interesting game.

    1. Thanks George, Kami put a lot of effort into it.

  2. Glad you shared so we could celebrate your daughter with you. It's always nice to see our children succeed. Congratulations to you and your daughter!

    1. Thanks Pam, I couldn't help but brag a bit. The Harry Potter game series are USAopoly's most successful games, but it's all Kami - not me :)


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