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August 13, 2019

RiverScape - festivals and goodbyes

RiverScape Metro Park is located downtown Dayton on the bank of the Miami River.  It’s a great park to watch the river go by, practice surfing or play in the fountains.


The Celtic Festival is likely the biggest festival hosted at RiverScape.  We know a bit of what to expect and head straight to the main stage to catch the Fitzgeralds of Bancroft Canada.

Their music (most all original) is rooted in their French Canadian upbringing.  They all play the fiddle, the sisters also play the piano, and the brother the guitar.

They coin their original choreography as ‘Step Dancing’, where they perform a combination of Irish, tap and clog dancing.

Fran, at some point, has taken dance lessons for all three.  When she learned they also offered a DVD with lessons … she was first in line! If you are thinking of Step Dance lessons, stop by : )

If you have the chance to watch them in person, you'll not be disappointed.  A very talented family.

And of course there is something for every foodie.
Pretty high-stepping are good, but nothing screams Celtic like the pipes and drums.

On our last full day in Dayton we again rode our bikes first to the Fraze for Art on the Commons.

All artwork is created and displayed by local artists.  I had no idea Dayton art could fill some 4 dozen booths.

and perform freehand on the sidewalk

From the Fraze we again picked up the K19 bike path for the ride down to RiverScape, this time for the German Festival.  Again  there is lots of music

and singing.  This is something like the 12 Days of Christmas where a new item is added each verse and all the previous added items are repeated … in German!  It's certainly fun to listen to.

And, of course more food trucks!

All this great food … and we shared a brat!, with German potato salad and sauerkraut.

There were vendors for Bavarian items like hats and steins, but no cuckoo clocks.

On the ride back we went thru the Oregon District.

Taking the opportunity to pay our respects and express our sorrow at the loss of 9 lives.

Dayton is supporting the hashtag DaytonStrong as a symbol of unity.

I’m not feeling really funny today, but for your Fun Fact:
Ohio not only invented, but installed the first electric stoplight and the first ever ‘Push to Walk’ pedestrian crossing button.

We are now heading, with best speed west.  My kid brother is back at Tacoma General for another cardiac test, leaving our home ... to the mice! 



  1. What a fun festival, there was a Celtic Festival in Goderich Ontario last week, we went to many years ago. Wishing your brother good test results and safe travels as you head west.

    1. Thanks George, Celtic Festivals offer lots of entertainment that we enjoy.

  2. Replies
    1. Once we get used toit ... it'll be nice to be back!


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