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July 05, 2019

Canada Day in Jasper – Road Trip 2019

A bit of a late start from Tete Juane, with the best showers thus far on the trip!  Brand new and even supply cotton shower mats.  It’s not a long driving day, with time for a few stops.

We took the short hike to Rearguard Falls at 800 miles up stream from the Pacific Ocean, the falls marks the upper limit of the Chinook Salmon.  Only the Chinook, the largest and strongest of the salmon come this far.

Mount Robson PP is at the eastern border of British Columbia.   Even in the clouds it is  impressive.

Our next short hike was in the sun!, but on a muddy path to Overlander Falls.

The glacial green Moose Lake with it’s forested shores was a perfect stop for lunch. 

As I walked the shoreline Fran prepared lunch.  I found these 3 painted rocks left by Diane Creating Memories.  I brought them together for the picture before finding some new hiding places for them.

We crossed into Alberta and then Jasper National Park.  On entering the park there is a booth where a per-day fee is charged.  The ranger wanted to know how many days we would be in the National Parks, as the fee is good for all parks.

Before getting set up in Wapiti, we parked the Rufus in the designated RV area just across the railroad tracks.  We waited a half hour while a train blocked the crossing.  A better approach is to come from the south and use the pedestrian crossing under the tracks.

 The following morning is July 1st, Canada Day.  The parade does not start until 1PM, with a forecast of rain later in the day.  That left an overcast morning to take a walk.  We chose the lakes hike from Old Fort Point along the Athabasca River up to Annette and Edith Lakes

The trails are numbered, we chose the rocky 7e trail as our starting point as it appeared to be the less traveled.

The trail passes the Fairmont Jasper Lodge on a glacial lake and impressive golf course.

The clouds continue to gather so we turned back at Annette Lake.

We had a good view of Roche Bonhomme ‘Old Man’ formation

Kinda reminds me of  Indian Head in Anza Borrego.

After our hike we parked the scooter along an RV at the otherwise full parking lot.  Using the pedestrian underpass into town we arrived in a rain shower, but found seating with a view at the Jasper Brewery

The stormfront hit just as the parade passed.  The flags on the parade displays are blowing forward in the direction of the parade.  It’s cold, wet, windy with the rain at times nearly horizontal.

The parade will end at the park with music and other events, BBQ and fireworks.  Alas we have to concede to the circumstances and do not attend.

Our site at Wapiti Campground after we scoot back, in the driving rain.  The scooter is handy, but not the best choice in today’s conditions. None of control the weather, but we can control our attitudes.

The locals know how to be prepared.  They are dry!, the SoCal tourists are soaked to the bone!

With a dry morning and the scooter loaded we take advantage of a detour to Maligne Lake. No tour to Spirit Island, but a nice walk along the shore for the view and the BEARS!

A mother and her 2 cubs, our 1st of several bear sightings.

A lone adolescent

A mother and 2 cubs, one black and one brown.  The brown cub is behind the tree in the center.

A better picture of the little fella.  In all we saw 4 caribou and 12 black bears

Fran is standing on 6th Bridge.  The plan was to hike up to 5th Bridge, but the hikers coming down were covered in mud to their ankles.  So, this is as far as we went!

Now on the Icefields Parkway heading south, we came up with a bit of a game “WOW - Look at that!” “What?” “THAT!” and Fran would point in any direction, it didn’t matter.  Wow, just WOW!

It is pretty amazing how the Athabasca River has carved its way through the rocks.  A stop at Athabasca Falls is well worth the time.

There are people on each side of the falls that have circumvented the safety lines for their photos.

Our destination for the night at the Icefields Discovery Center.  There is a $15.70 CAD fee paid to the iron ranger at the entry kiosk for over night parking.

We took in the Icefields Discovery Center including the theater downstairs that continuously  shows scenes and options in the area.  During our visit the WiFi was not working.  There’s a nice alternative walk back to our prime sparking spot.

We spent a quiet night with glaciers in view outside our dinette window.

We’ll check out the Athabasca Glacier and continue on to Lake Louise in the morning.  Despite the missed Canada Day events we’ve had No Bad Days!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful memories!! We visited all these places. Too bad the trail up to Bridge 5 was so muddy. It was a neat (but crowded) hike. Yes, the Icefield's Parkway is a huge WOW!! Hope the rain moves on soon!!

    1. Not just Wow but Wow; WOw; WOW!!! We need to come in better weather to do more of your hikes.

  2. You are seeing a lot of wonderful scenery too bad about the rain on the Canada Day party. Hopefully you will dry out soon.

    1. We can't control the weather, just our attitudes. Still having a great trip.

  3. Replies
    1. For sure! A lot is packed along this drive. So good to see it in person.

  4. OMWow, Wow, Wow, in every direction. Such dramatic views, and oh the wildlife. Bummer about the rain, but as you say...

    1. Just WOW! is an understatement!! Even the gray skies and rains did not dampen our experience. Maybe next time we'll have blue skies for the background.

  5. Replies
    1. Yup WOW just about says it all. Such an awesome area, with bears in the woods too!


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