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July 13, 2019

Beautiful Banff - Road Trip 2019

After the traffic jams at Lake Louise we were not surprised at the traffic backed up to enter Banff.  But it was just tourists trying to get the perfect picture of the Banff sign with only themselves in it.

The town itself is a wonderful spot in the midst of the surrounding mountains and filled with history.

Before checking into our campsite we scored a parking spot on the street within walking distance of both the Fairmont Banff and the Bow Falls trail.

I had heard of their taco bar on the deck offering views of the mountains and passable tacos. But alas another victim of the rain.

But we secured a nice corner table in the bar with a view.  We ordered their wings and sprouts and a couple local beers.  The portions of the bar munchies are huge!  There was enough for a second meal.

Walking back past the RV we took the trail to Bow Falls

The Bow Falls trail extends upriver above the series of cascades to well below them.

It was time we checked into our spot at the Trailer Court, and WOW what a spot.

It was great how the clouds and rain would change the appearance of Tunnel Mountain.

After walking the entire campground, all 400 sites, I am certain we have the prime spot.  But to be fair all sites have a view, but a few steps into the street helps

A short scooter ride from the campground is a small strip mall.   There’s a mini-store, laundry and booze. We’re here for the laundry – CAD $5/$2.

And while the machines are doing their thing we took a walk along one of the many trails that join here.  I would think any would be a nice way to spend a little time, on the HooDoo trail we encountered 2 Mule Deer.  I could only get this one to smile for the camera.

With laundry done, and thunderstorms expected later in the day, we thought we had time to squeeze in a short hike.  The Banff flyer describes the Fenland Loop as easy and to watch for spotted frogs and trout, with a variety of insects in the marsh.  No frogs, no trout, all the insects were mosquitos!  But the trailhead was packed, but still room for a scooter!

The little walk took just 15 minutes too long, the thunderstorm  hit HARD, with lightening,thunder and sleet!  Not our worst ride - at the North Rim we were caught in hail and took refuge in an outhouse!

I know Canada’s first national park Cave and Basin is just a scoot away.  We skipped a lot in Banff, but while rained in, we were planning our next visit!  For sure Banff deserves another visit!
It’s time to head to Glacier NP and the morning is post card perfect!  Seems the last day is always the best.

We certainly enjoyed our short time in Banff and looking forward to our return.  Please make any suggestions for our next visit in the comments. 

O.M.G certainly No Bad Days in Banff!  We’re off to Glacier NP next.


  1. We were in Jasper NP for ten days before arriving in Banff. What a shocker. The town was so much larger and way too crowded. Jasper is more our speed. We traveled to Alberta for the month of Sept and had spectacular weather, except for the snow the day after we arrived in Jasper. Maybe think about heading there in Sept next time. You certainly have had a lot of rain. But once again you have the best attitude. I love your upbeat post. Hope Glacier is kinder to you. The east side of Glacier is amazing and so few people and the best hikes.

    1. We wanted to be there for Canada Day, that was not a good idea! You make a good point - Next year we will do our triangle San Diego-Seattle-Dayton in the counterwise direction!

  2. Too bad about all the rain but your are making the best of it, someday we need to get back out that way again , it's been over 45 years.

    1. Bet there were a lot more glaciers 45 years ago. They are shrinking fast!

  3. Banff is awesome. It has been 18 years since we were last there. Glad to see you made it.

    1. We're glad we made it too! But do not want to wait 18 years to return!

  4. Are you sure this is summer? Even with the wet weather it's beautiful.

    1. It is indeed a beautiful area that we'd like to return to again ... on a sunny day :)


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