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July 08, 2019

A Stop at Lake Louise - Road Trip 2019

We left the Icefields Discovery Center under clear beautiful skies.  Sights like this were common. 

At some point during our “Look at That!” game Fran exclaimed “O.M.G This is Obscenely Beautiful!”  Well put! It is scenic beyond description.

 However after we crossed Bow Summit the weather again turned toward rain. We still enjoyed a couple short walks to overlooks above the treetops, of the lakes and scenic opportunities along the way.  This trail was spooky quiet, no birds and as Fran noticed no mosquitos!

The rain began, heavy at times, it was enough that we skipped the opportunities,but the stop at Mistaya Falls is a definite not to be missed.  Although we did not venture onto the rocks for our selfies.

We continued on to Lake Louise under threatening skies,but only light rain.

It was not raining when we arrived at our campsite at Lake Louise.  After driving through some heavy rain we what was coming and we quickly unloaded the scooter, then made a quick run up to the Fairmont Lodge at Lake Louise.  The rain was coming!

One great thing of riding the scooter is that parking is never an issue, and surprise!, Lake Louise offers designated parking right up front.

Those red canoes on the lake rent for $125 CAD an hour!  Ouch!

The rain had started by the time we left Lake Louise, and I think some of the same cars were still in line waiting to park. Scooter power! We left leaving Lake Moraine for the next rain-free opportunity.  The next morning it was raining heavily, but I was determined to take a morning walk. 

Fran snapped this just as I was ready,  the kids noticed the long pants!  I do have another pair, but just those two.

There is a short 2km trail from the campground into town.  The town is really just a small shopping mall.  We wanted to do some walking and chose the town trail, which was washed out at one point., as it follows the Bow River.

The detour around the washed out section is pretty short,but not well maintained.

I am surprised I did not take any pictures in ‘town’, which is the VC, a gas station, post office, gift shop, liquor store and restaurant … that’s it!, just a strip mall.

But Lake Louise is a premier stop and should not be missed.  We would have liked to have done more while here. We do not control the weather!, it is interesting what it brings.  Although we missed Lake Moraine and the Sky Tram to the top, I would not trade our visit for those who had to deal with the smoke from last years wildfires.

We’re off to Banff for a few days next.  Looking forward to the visit.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to explore, Last time I was there was 1975.. wow seems like forever!!

    1. LOL - George that IS forever ago! Wonder if the town has grown since you were here :)

  2. I love your attitude. You are right that you can't control the weather so just make the best of it and enjoy being there. But I am sorry that you are having so much rain. Sure hope the sun returns and stays. Lake Louis is crazy busy. The only way to avoid the crowd is to hike above it!

    1. I was totally taken aback at the traffic in the town! At least town was only a short walk from our campsite.


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