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February 25, 2018

Thetford Toilet Repair

I was not sure I wanted to tackle this task, but it turned out not so difficult.  To keep the odors of the holding tanks, in the holding tanks, and not entering into the living space, the sinks in my Pulse 24A have regular ‘P’ traps, however the toilet uses a water seal to keep the odors in the black tank.

If the toilet is not able to hold a bit of water those holding tank odors can enter the bathroom. 

In our unit just finding the water supply was difficult.  I could not find it by feel, but in the picture I see it is tucked in right a floor level.  Yup it’ll be a pain to reconnect!

I dropped the dinette and covered it with an indoor-outdoor carpet, to protect the surface … and we will want to be eating here again. 

The lower hose connects to the spray nozzle and is fine, but the hose going between the plastic pedestal and the porcelain bowl needs to be disconnected before I can separate the two. 

There are two hex screws that need to be removed before the bowl can be twisted and removed from the pedestal.

Ok I agree the next photos are disgusting!  But with everything apart it’s time to clean, really clean!

I purchased a Thetford rebuild kit for my unit from Amazon.  The kit includes everything needed – a new ball gasket, which is all I thought I needed.  But also a new waste gasket – yup I  need that too, nylon washers to protect the porcelain, new ball valve and a new pressure connection washer - yup used those too.

The parts are rubber, but the kit did not include a grease.  I do have some suitable grease, but since this is a waste project I did not want to contaminate what I have.  I also added a small tube of silicon grease (rubber safe) to my Amazon order.

By far the most difficult part was reconnecting the water supply line.  Just no way to see the alignment and doing it all by feel took a couple tries.  But in the end I am really happy with the results!  No tank odors, as clean as new!


  1. Nice fix that you got done, amazing what you can do the you set you mind to it.
    We fixed our old Thedford a couple of times but it was all plastic, when it came for for the rebuild kit we bought a new Dometic porcelain toilet on sale complete for the price of the kit

  2. Not the most pleasant job, but it was only the tight space that made it awkward.

  3. A job I have put off for a while.

  4. You will welcome the result. I'm sure it would be easier in the 5th wheel than the camper, due to the tight access.


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