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February 02, 2018

Black Mountain Open Space and Blogger Comment Notifications

Happy Groundhog Day!  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, which predicts 6 more weeks of winter.  Here in SoCal we are still awaiting our first week of winter, so selfishly I hope he’s right!

A visit to Black Mountain Open Space Park  on this warm winter day may not have been my best choice.  It was just warm at the beach but downright hot on Black Mountain!  There are quite a few entrances to the park, and although not my first choice Hilltop Community Park has restrooms. I was drinking my 3rd cup of coffee on the way, and that decision was made for me!

IMG_6695 (1280x960)

My 1998 copy of Jerry Schad’s Afoot and Afield does not show the 56 corridor, both Black Mountain Road and Carmel Valley Road are shown as dirt roads.  Use Google or Diana Lindsay’s Coast to Cactus for a better resource.  When I was last here the roads were indeed dirt, with ranches and farm fields.  I took the kids here, where we would rent horses … back-in-the-day.

From the park the Nighthawk Trailhead is located in the southeast corner.  This is the main entrance into the park and connects to other trails along the way.
IMG_6697 (1280x959)IMG_6698 (1280x937)

The mcirowave relay towers atop Black Mountain are the destination this morning approximately 2.2 miles away.  The arduous trail is steep and rocky.  The primary plant is the sage, and the air is heavy with their pleasant fragrance.
IMG_6699 (1280x959)IMG_6701 (1280x960)

Eventually it becomes just steep, and then ridiculous and rockier!  Diana Lindsay has a little caveat I missed:  “Cool weather is the perfect time to hike the shade-free slopes.”  There is very little to no shade and not a single rest stop.
IMG_6702 (1280x959)IMG_6708 (1280x960)

The trail intersections are well marked.  Of course a map would also be handy, download one HERE.
IMG_6705 (1280x960)IMG_6712 (1280x960)

Oh my … Look at all those beautiful shadows on the Miner’s Ridge Loop trail.  It is indeed getting warmer, but Miner’s Ridge does not go to the top.
IMG_6713 (1280x960)IMG_6714 (1280x959)

Almost there, and I see this housing project on the east side.  Lots of condos going in down there.
IMG_6716 (1280x959)IMG_6715 (1280x955)

It’s not possible to enjoy a 360-degree view from the top from a single spot.  Walking around the fenced antenna structures is required.

IMG_6719 (1280x944)IMG_6720 (1280x959)
IMG_6721 (1280x945)IMG_6723 (1280x959)
IMG_6728 (1280x960)IMG_6731 (1280x960)

This little knoll below is where I took hang glider lessons … back-in-the-day.  This was BF (Before Fran) even – way back-in-the-day!
IMG_6732 (1280x960)

The area looks nothing like it did then, there is now even a sign to the parking area.  There were no gliders, nor instructors here today and perhaps hang gliding is no longer a popular sport to learn.
IMG_6736 (1280x960)IMG_6739 (1280x960)

But the little ‘bunny hill’ looks the same.  It really was a great spot as the rate of descent of the hill and the glider was about the same.  Thus I learned to turn and not stall while never at a dangerous height.
IMG_6740 (1280x960)IMG_6738 (1280x960)

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