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February 16, 2018

Lake Miramar - Urban Hiking San Diego

In 1960 the dam creating Lake Miramar was completed adding the reservoir to the San Diego aqueduct system.  This is a drinking water reservoir and no human contact with the water is permitted.

Non-powered boats are available for rent at the concessionaire.

Before the grand-girls were in school we’d meet here for lunch and feed the ducks.  There are quite a few picnic areas around the lake.

The 5 mile paved loop around the lake is quite popular.  On any visit expect to see joggers, walkers and bikes.  There is a bike repair station near the beginning of the loop road.  There is also a dirt path along the shore, but does not extend completely around the lake.

I normally start on the path then pick up the road when it first rejoins the road in about a mile.

There are lots of baby strollers.  It’s a good place for the kids too.  This marine, with his wife and twins passed me near the halfway point. There are signs every quarter mile.

The Washington Palms are the only native California palm tress.

The lake is indeed in an urban location.  There are homes, condos and office space on the south and west sides of the lake.

Across the street is the Scripps Ranch Library and Evan’s Pond.  The pond is not large but does provide easy access for the kids who want to feed the ducks.  Or just be a bump on a stump and watch.

The library is on the west end of the pond and picnic spots can be found along the north shore.

This is a very nice county library. 


  1. Looks like another wonderful urban hike you enjoyed.

  2. That it is George, since there a level paved trail it is a very popular. The 5 miles is an easy walk,lots of folks use it as chance tochat.

  3. I had to laugh at the "no human contact with the water" and wonder if duck poop is worse. ;) Pretty place. Lots of stumps. It is great to have natural areas to hike so close to town.

  4. I agree, there are so many water fowl the water must already be foul! It is nice to have open space within easy reach of home.


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