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August 12, 2017

Preparing to leave - odds and ends

As we prepare for our final days in Dayton it is time to clean the windows and check the lights, wipers, tire pressure and fluids.

Cleaning the windows is easy except for that last little bit covered by the screen.  Removing the two Philips screws is easy and if lost can be replaced at Home Depot, but that unique slider needs a bit more care.  If lost or damaged the screen stops sliding.
IMG_4363 (1280x957)IMG_4360 (1280x960)

I also noticed passenger side washer bracket has broken, musta been parking under a maple tree!   Who’d a thunk?  A bit of painters tape and a couple of tie-wraps has it aligned again.
IMG_4945 (1280x877)IMG_4946 (1280x960)

We toured 7 model homes at this years Homearama.  It was free last time we did this, tickets are now $12!  I liked this house, two story with full basement.  At $460k, sooo very not going to buy it!

IMG_4673 (1280x958)r

The Fraze is within walking or biking distance.  Various events are offered through the week.  We went to the local talent show one evening.  The kids tend to dance mostly, the brothers on guitar do some good Mariachi music, but did not dress the part.
IMG_4423 (1280x959)IMG_4426 (1280x959)
IMG_4429 (1280x959)IMG_4431 (1280x943)

Bicycle to the Fraze on a Throwback Thursday and entrance is FREE!  No lights on the bike?, no problem they will be installed – FREE!
IMG_4434 (1280x960)

Jefferson Starship provided one of the Throwback shows.  Made up of a couple from the old Jefferson Airship group they still have the energy, even the kids are dancing in the isles.
IMG_4435 (1280x959)IMG_4436 (1280x920)

The Soul Express is made up of five local Daytonians that do the best Motown!  If it’s Motown these five are the best outside of the originals.
IMG_4637 (1280x941)

Food trucks are always interesting in what they can come up with to attract a new customer.   But fried cheesecake? – no thanks.
IMG_4643 (1280x943)IMG_4632 (1280x960)
IMG_4638 (1280x959)IMG_4630 (1280x940)

There were a couple dozen trucks, but only one offering Mexican food.  They could not make a fish taco and the other offerings looked pretty lame.

But there is hope. Dayton finally has a passable Mexican restaurant!  Taqueria Mixteca is the best I have found, the hot sauce can be HOT, the beans and rice are near perfect, the staff speaks Spanish and the meat tacos are very good.  But  alas the fish taco is lame and the rellenos, tamales and enchiladas have been premade and frozen.  Stick with the burritos, tacos (carne asada, pollo or carnitas), tostada and you’ll not be disappointed, be sure to ask for the hot sauce.
IMG_4364 (1280x960)IMG_4366 (1280x959)

Our final concert is the Happy Together TourThe Turtles are the anchor of the tour, which highlights artists remaining from The Archies, Three Dog Night, The Cowsills, The Association, The Box Tops and the Turtles.

Since this is a tour group the stage changes quickly between groups as the backup band are members of the various groups but play for any group/person that is being highlighted.

Here is a picture of Ron Dante of The Archies, awesome talent.  But other than the Turtles the Cowsills still have it when their ‘B’-side song Hair brought The Fraze to its feet.  Yup me too, sorry no picture …
IMG_4936 (1280x953)

Gotta say Goodbye to Dayton and start our journey to Idaho for the eclipse!
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