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August 07, 2017

Caeser Creek State Park - with vintage trucks and British cars

I wanted a break from the usual Dayton doings and household chores and Fran quickly agreed to a trip to Caesar Creek State Park, not far away.  The park is huge, with the addition of a dam the creek is a large lake.  However access to the water is only available in a few places.  From the campground there is a single 50 yard beach shared by all 200+ sites.

We took a 20 amp tent site for its spacious privacy – why do tent sites have electric?  Even 15 amp is fine for us if we do not run the AC and microwave at the same time.  The RV sites offer 30 amp electric but no water, dump stations are provided in each loop but without potable water.  There are no 50 amp sites, and the 3 FHU sites are occupied by campground hosts.
IMG_4665 (1280x951)IMG_4666 (1280x930)

The campground is way up in the north-east corner of the lake.
IMG_4671 (1280x958)IMG_4672 (1280x958)

There are 3 main trails connecting the camping loops to the ‘beach’, color coded red, green and blue.  The mosquitoes protected the blue Pin Oak Trail and the only one we attempted.
IMG_4661 (1280x931)IMG_4660 (1280x948)
IMG_4662 (1280x960)IMG_4668 (1280x959)

Want to get the paddle board wet or a kayak, this is an ok stop.  An overnight passing thru, ok.  But without a power craft and water toys there is not much here.  Fran enjoyed her paddle around the island.
IMG_4670 (1280x961)IMG_4669 (1280x957) 

But it is on the way to Yellow Springs, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to pay another $28 for a second night and returned to Kettering.   The Back in the Day Band was at the Fraze.  Founded by a Dayton resident and former NFL player Larry Lee.  The 12 member band has a lead singer from the Temptations, with other members also from the Temptations, The Four Tops, The Spinners, The Dramatics and others.  They could really put the Hop in Hip-Hop.

We return to Yellow Springs for the Vintage Truck show at Young’s Dairy.  The dairy itself is a destination with two restaurants, two 18-hole mini-golf courses, driving range, batting cages, petting zoo, and much more. 
IMG_4789 (1280x947)IMG_4788 (1280x956)
IMG_4796 (1280x954)IMG_4797 (1280x911)

There are several hundred trucks!, here are a few of my favorites.
The original owners with their Ferguson tractor, a beautiful 1924 International
IMG_4762 (1280x959)IMG_4763 (1280x960)

Yes Jeep did make pickup and delivery trucks, ever hear of Indiana Truck?  me neither but this Indiana Six still runs!
IMG_4769 (1280x960)IMG_4737 (1280x960)

This rust bucket tow truck and trailer was driven 40 miles to the show, it doesn’t look like it would make the 40 miles home …
IMG_4770 (1280x943)

A lot of restored Ford trucks were on display
IMG_4749 (1280x956)IMG_4748 (1280x947)

The BIL Has a Studebaker, I was taking a picture of this beauty to send to him when the owner approached.  Turns out Malcom plays at the same tennis club as Fran!  What a treat to get a personal tour of his 4 trucks on display.

He has one of the 65 trucks Studebaker built for the Navy.  The Navy truck has had some suspension work, it runs, but is left original in appearance and brought to the show in the bed of his 1955 E-38 Studebaker Dump Steak Bed (seen behind).
IMG_4773 (1280x939)IMG_4774 (1280x960)

Got to admit I like American Iron and this chopped Willy wagon was really well done.  It got my vote for ‘I wanna take it home’!  OK it’s not original and did not win anything, but a really well done conversion …
IMG_4755 (1280x960)

The return trip included a stop at the British car show.  Fran and her brother have both owned British cars and for a brief time I had a crapnpy Morgan, that I regret not keeping!, altho I can understand why there were none on display.

Altho German, not British, this ampFicat put on a marvelous display.
IMG_4803 (1280x933)IMG_4804 (1280x936)IMG_4800 (1280x959)

Fran had a TR7 when we first met.  The Lucas electronics in the dang thing would fault at the first hint of rain.  This is heaviest car I ever had to push!  It was fun to drive when it was running.
IMG_4819 (1280x959)IMG_4820 (1280x960)

Austin of England and the Healy, from James Bond, have a nice representation.
IMG_4821 (1280x939)

Fran’s brother had an MG-B and the MG really is what the show is about.
IMG_4825 (1280x959)IMG_4822 (1280x930)
IMG_4827 (1280x945)IMG_4830 (1280x960)

I have no desire for a Lotus but the older ones are pretty fun to look at.
IMG_4843 (1280x959)IMG_4846 (1280x960)

But for sporty, the V8 Sunbeam Tiger would be hard to beat.  The power to weight ratio in this thing has to be like a crotch rocket!
IMG_4813 (1280x960)IMG_4814 (1280x960)

I could have my arm twisted to take a ride in a Land Rover…
IMG_4847 (1280x960)

Today’s fun fact: In 1924 Bill Shroyer was given the patent for the metal baseball bat.  A block away the road named after him separates Kettering from Oakwood.
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