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August 21, 2017

Eclipse - Idaho Falls for the main event

It did take us a couple long driving days to reach Idaho Falls, but we also made time for getting out as well.  We arrived a couple hours ahead of son Michael and grandson Jm, my younger brother Marty traveled with them.  The ‘falls’ in Idaho Falls is a long concrete barrier that provides the cities' power needs.  The barrier is constructed above what was the original ‘falls’ on the Snake River.

IMG_5371 (1280x959)IMG_5376 (1280x947)
IMG_5382 (1280x946)IMG_5380 (1280x959)

Along the river is a biking/walking path and some interesting benches in the shape of potaoes, wildlife, fish and such.  Really it’s kinda clever.
IMG_5379 (1280x960)IMG_5389 (1280x944)

When we get together we often have a ‘wine-off’, where we each bring a couple wines ($25 limit) that are reasonably local to our individual areas.  Marty winters in Mazatlan where he teaches English, brought my favorite Mexican wine -  Monte Xanic.  Michael, now living in WA, can contribute anything from the Columbia Valley -  all good wines.  We’ve been on the road and offered wines from NM, MO and CA.  We each get to pick one bottle to enter into the competition, bag them and after mixing them around number the bags.

IMG_5395 (1280x960)IMG_5396 (1280x959)

There is no official scoring, it is all ‘hydonisic’ where it is rated by how each appeals to the taster.  In the end we end up with a wine that appeals the most to the group.  Here’s the score sheet that we developed over time, if you want to use it or modify it for your family ‘bake-off’ or ‘cook-off’ feel free. 

Jm has had a good time in the playground at Snake River RV Park & Campground.
IMG_5401 (1280x943)IMG_5404 (1280x943)

We made pin-hole cameras to have a little fun.  If one pin hole is good more is better.  Jm calls me Papa so here is my camera, where each pinhole shows the inversion of the sun being covered from the bottom, but when viewed directly the sun was being covered from the top.
IMG_5410 (1280x855)IMG_5412 (1280x953)

But that’s not why we are here …  there is an eclipse!  We all have our ISO approved solar glasses.  And a perfect spot on the grass all picked out.  I made a filter for my camera to capture a few pictures of the event.
IMG_20170821_0933528_rewindIMG_5405 (1280x901)IMG_5408 (1280x941)

And the main event – our view of the Great American Eclipse, with the starburst that follows totality.
P1080640 (1280x947)P1080650 (1280x924)
P1080658 (1280x958)P1080665 (1280x961)
P1080670 (1280x942)P1080679 (1280x958)

We'll begin the ride home tomorrow …. 

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