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September 24, 2016

Mission Valley Preserve and PIFA–Hike and Bike

Mission Valley has shopping, golf, hotels, ballfields, condos, etc.  But it also has little known hiking trails within Mission Valley Preserve.  These trails are the morning destination.
IMG_0837 (640x479) 

The preserve is bounded on the north by Friars Road, the east by Hotel Circle, the south by I-8 and the west by the Pacific Ocean.  However, the hiking trails only extend west to Morena Blvd.  The Bike Path can be used to extend the east/west boundaries.

IMG_0851 (640x479)

If you have been to Sea World, driven on I-8, taken your dog to Dog Beach … then you have seen the area we’ll be hiking.
IMG_0826 (640x479)IMG_0827 (640x479)

But first in the shade of the Macadamian Nut tree, I’ll attempt to repair the biggest rock chip from the Alaskan Adventure.  I picked up a Rain-x Windshield Repair Kit from Amazon.  The resin needs to be applied in the shade, but cures in the sun.  Rufus is shaded in the morning by the tree and there was little dew last night, perfect conditions.  The windshield will be in full sun for the rest of the day.
IMG_0820 (640x474)IMG_0822 (640x479)
IMG_0824 (640x480)IMG_0825 (640x424)

With that done we’re off!  We’re parked opposite South Shores near SeaWorld, to enter the hiking trails across from the Trolley Stop.
IMG_0831 (640x472)IMG_0828 (640x468)

The concrete pillars supporting the trolley make a perfect canvas for the local spray-can artists.  I like the scene on the left, but expression comes in different forms.
IMG_0829 (640x470)IMG_0830 (640x480)

The kiosk at the trail head gives an idea of what to expect.
IMG_0833 (640x470)IMG_0832 (640x478)

The trails are well maintained with rest and picnic areas and a some trail signage, but no maps.
IMG_0834 (640x479)IMG_0836 (640x472)
IMG_0838 (640x480)IMG_0841 (640x479)
IMG_0844 (640x479)IMG_0845 (640x478)

The Serra Museum is south of I-8 in Presidio Park (I did previous blog on Presidio Park and Lucy), we’re north of I-8 on this trip.
IMG_0847 (640x479)IMG_0852 (640x480)

Either Cottonwood Grove, or the baseball field is a good place to pick up the Bike Path, currently the path extends from Ocean Beach to Santee.
IMG_0854 (640x479)IMG_0853 (640x460)

Again check out the differences between the commissioned works and those of the other spray-can artists.  Both certainly have talent!
IMG_0856 (640x480)IMG_0857 (640x478)IMG_0859 (640x480) (2)

Now it’s back to the bikes!  I’m ok if you consider this cheating, as I mentioned we’re parked near SeaWorld – yes we drove that mile from home … it’s uphill going back :) and this is a long day with TWO events, plus the windshield.  TWO events in one day!?!
IMG_0860 (640x468)IMG_0861 (640x473)

Next stop is PIFA!  The Pacific Island Festival Association takes over Ski Beach every fall.  The only practical way to get here without a bicycle is to park in one of the outlining lots and take the shuttle, but it is a short bike ride just over the bridge.
IMG_0868 (640x480)IMG_0866 (640x479)

If you enjoy ukulele and drum music, watching gals with double-jointed hips, tattooed men in loin-clothes or eating white rice with Spam this is the place to be!
IMG_0869 (640x479)IMG_0870 (640x479)
IMG_0876 (640x480)IMG_0877 (640x471)

Fran and I as Haoles settled for the BBQ chicken including white rice, macaroni salad, and cabbage.
IMG_0873 (640x469)

In addition to a couple dozen food stands there are twice that many vendors with island garb, souvenirs, gifts etc.
IMG_0881 (640x480)IMG_0885 (640x479)

The action on the main stage is pretty much non-stop!  The gals have a gentle sway, like an island breeze – while the men dance with the fierce intensity, like that of the volcano.  Both to the beat of a ukulele and drums.
IMG_0886 (640x471)IMG_0887 (640x464)IMG_0898 (640x480)IMG_0897 (640x479)IMG_0899 (640x480)

Did I mention pretty girls?  Here’s Miss Guam.  This years queen will be announced tomorrow – want me to go back?
IMG_0883 (640x479)IMG_0884 (640x473)

Oh and that windshield chip?  Not perfect, but better than I expected!  The sun is now on the windshield and there is a lot of reflection.
IMG_0902 (640x479) (2)

Adams Avenue Street Fair is also this weekend …

BTW – Hawaii holds its own Ho’olaule’a Festival in De Anza Cove in April.  Also in April is the Shaka Fest held on Crown Point.  We’ll be at both, care to join us?

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