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September 01, 2016

The Yellowhead Highway to Kamloops

Time to lace up the boots, the Prince George to Kamloops section of the trip needs to be done slow with lots of time afoot.  

But to get to the best trails it is a long drive past the tourist tourist traps and cruise bus stops.  We took a short break to watch the local native dip netting salmon.  Could not help but notice this sticker on another Skinny Winnie. 
IMG_0334 (640x479)IMG_0336 (640x479)

to Smithers, BC, where there was a spot at Smithers Par 3 and RV.  This was the Riverside Golf Course, but is being converted to a 9 hole par 3.  It had been raining all day, but the host had us drive onto the now unused 6th fairway.  The best site in the park IMHO.

IMG_0353 (640x477)

The view out our window was the the 3rd hole tee box.  The rain let up long enough in the morning for us to play a quick round.
IMG_0350 (640x479)IMG_0345 (640x478)
IMG_0356 (640x479)IMG_0357 (640x480)

Although rain came again, we're expecting better roads ahead and Rufus finally got a badly needed bath!
IMG_0341 (640x472)

The must stop in Huston BC is the World’s Largest Fly Rod at the visitor center.  The little towns come up with some clever ideas to attract the tourist dollar.  Not sure how often the fly at the end of the rod need to e retied, but it is not often enough …
IMG_0360 (640x479)IMG_0369 (640x474)
IMG_0371 (640x461)

But we are here for a walk through the adjacent Steelhead Park and gardens.
IMG_0367 (640x479)IMG_0366 (640x480)
IMG_0361 (640x476)IMG_0374 (640x480)

Along with Willow River we followed some moose tracks through a field thimble berries.  We never saw the moose, it left the path and left us a nice selection of berries.
IMG_0377 (640x480)IMG_0376 (640x480)

The Acient Forest is a popular stop.  The parking area is being enlarged to accomadate tour busses!  Glad we were there when it was far less accessable.
IMG_0385 (640x479)IMG_0384 (640x478)

The out and back boardwalk is a nice handicap route, the remaining trails are well maintained and being covered with walkways into the depths of the Western Red Cedar forest.
IMG_0387 (640x472)IMG_0388 (640x480)
IMG_0398 (640x480)IMG_0402 (640x480)
IMG_0403 (640x472)IMG_0407 (640x474)
IMG_0412 (640x476)IMG_0418 (640x458)

The Cranberry Marsh can be done as a 4 mile loop or as an out and back to the viewing towers.  Of course we didn’t want to miss anything so it was the loop. 
IMG_0459 (640x477)IMG_0440 (640x479)
IMG_0442 (640x479)IMG_0453 (640x466)

Not the best choice under the circumstances.  Of course a swamp has mosquitoes – lots of mosquitoes!  But it is located next to the Valemount treatment plant, which has over flowed from all the rains.
IMG_0445 (640x474)

Driving south toward Kamloops saves the best of the hikes for last – Waterfalls!  Wells Gray is a humongous provincial park, with waterfalls!  Spahats Falls is the first on the waterfall trail.
IMG_0491 (640x472)IMG_0495 (640x470)

Moul Falls is an easy hike with about 500’ elevation change … all in the last few 100 yards!  There is a very slippery trail that  goes behind the falls.
IMG_0498 (640x479)IMG_0500 (640x473)
IMG_0504 (640x480)IMG_0508 (640x476)
IMG_0520 (640x479)IMG_0523 (640x458)

Dawson Falls is called the ‘Niagra’ of Wells Gray, with a short easy walk to the top of the falls
IMG_0526 (640x469)IMG_0527 (640x480)
IMG_0531 (640x480)IMG_0535 (640x479)
IMG_0542 (640x466)

Helmcken Falls is the tallest in the park and the 4th tallest in Canada.
IMG_0545 (640x472)IMG_0553 (640x480)
IMG_0559 (640x480)IMG_0561 (640x472)

We’ve worked an appetite!  The Hop’n’Hog is a deserved reward.
IMG_0565 (640x479)IMG_0568 (640x473)IMG_0570 (640x453)IMG_0567 (640x478)

After Kamloops … the BC wine country

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