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July 14, 2016

Williams Lake–Chetwynd, British Columbia

Heading away from the Stampede Campground at Williams Lake, BC we stopped for a bit at Scout Island directly across the street.  Too early as the mosquitos were out in force looking for breakfast.
IMG_3756 (640x479)IMG_3760 (640x456)

Backtracking to the AWESOME Visitor Center we learned of the wheel chair and sculpture in the parking lot is a dedication to local hero Rick “Never give up on your dreams” Hansen.
IMG_3752 (640x468)IMG_3754 (640x479)
IMG_3749 (640x480)IMG_3751 (640x464)

We also learned that Williams Lake is also the ‘Mural Capitol of Caribou Country’.  Armed with a walking map of downtown we’re off.  All the murals are for sure 2-dimensional on the wall, but the perspective has added realistic dimension to many.
IMG_3768 (640x470)IMG_3764 (640x480)
IMG_3761 (640x464)IMG_3767 (640x465)

North to Prince George where we found a spot at the Treasure Cove Casino and a chance to catch some of the All-Star game – it was sunny at home!
IMG_3777 (640x472)IMG_3774 (640x480)

A busy night at the Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George, BC!  I counted 3 dozen RVs spending the night and another 6 big-rigs arrived during the evening.  Located at the intersection of CA-16 and CA-97 there is some road noise, but it is free!
We took the time while the morning was dry to explore Cottonwood Island.  There are some 30km of trails (dog and bike friendly) in the park and the adjoining Heritage Trail.

The trails are well maintained and decorated, but unmarked, however a map is not required as all loops lead back to the main trail and the parking lot.
IMG_3785 (640x480)IMG_3790 (640x433)

The volunteers at Cottonwood Island put out food for the birds and squirrels to ensure they remain ‘friendly’ and pose for their photos. 
IMG_3791 (640x465)IMG_3788 (640x479)

In addition to the critters we looked for the gnome villages.
IMG_3792 (640x479)IMG_3784 (640x479)

and then discovered there are 12 Spirit Tree Carvings to discover, we only found 11 but suspect someone took one home Sad smile.  And we had to make 3 loops through the park to find those Smile.
IMG_3794 (640x480)IMG_3802 (640x480)IMG_3805 (640x480)IMG_3806 (640x480)IMG_3808 (640x479)IMG_3809 (640x479)

And then the rain came in earnest, we decided to skip the neighboring Railroad and Lumber Museum and do a little driving until the weather breaks – it never did!  And we found our way to Chyetwynd, BC.  Famous for its chainsaw sculptures a nice end to the day. 
IMG_3852 (640x475)IMG_3850 (640x480)
IMG_3825 (640x469)IMG_3844 (640x480)
IMG_3843 (640x480)IMG_3833 (640x473)
IMG_3828 (640x480)IMG_3840 (640x480)

Tonight we’re at Northern Lights just south of Dawson Creek.  Although we’ve heard the town has recovered from the recent floods the road work continues.
IMG_3823 (640x480)IMG_3824 (640x476)

Campground reviews:
Treasure Cove Casino, Prince George
Lots of company during our stay with 3 dozen RVs and 2 of the 6 big rigs idled their engines during the night.   There is background noise from CA-16 and CA-97, WiFi is usable within the casino, but iffy from the parking lot.

Northern Lights RV, Dawson Creek
A bit crowed with an Airstream club at the park.  The gravel sites are a bit unlevel.  But it does offer good WiFi, the best showers and laundry so far, cable TV.  At $35 it is a decent offer.

Next – The Alaska Highway – AKA … The AlCan!
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