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July 11, 2016

British Columbia CANADA!

We’re following the Milepost well documented ‘West Route” crossing at Sumas WA after our last night on Whidbey Island WA. 
IMG_3547 (640x477)IMG_3546 (640x473)

For my research on our own adventure I have borrowed on the experience of previous travelers including:
Jason and Nikki of Gone with the Wynns
Bill and Kelly of bkamdricanodyssey
Lynn and Clark of Tales from the Mutiny
and my neighbors Debbie and Greg documented their adventure on On D Road.

We knew the basic requirements for crossing, eating all our fruits and veggies before getting to Sumas, WA.  We had no fresh meats, no poultry nor dairy products, no weapons of any kind and our passports and RV documentation – including insurance at the ready.  The only surprise question was 'is there was anything in the RV that we did not place there –anything from a friend, mechanic, family member?' … nope!

We exchanged at $1.27 CA to $1 USD (0.7874) just an ok rate as the Internet was quoting $1.29, but the banks do need to hold a bit for their trouble.

Our first couple stops are for the local veggie markets to replace our salad supply.  This took us to Chilliwack, but not in time to collect some of their famous corn.   The little dittie ‘Chilliwack corn and I do care …’ has been an earworm since!

The Chilliwack corn is a non-GMO, organic, yellow corn that is praised for its taste and consistency.

Chilliwack does have a nice mall anchored by a Walmart.  After picking up some veggies and filling the pantry at the Walmart we decided to wait out the rain while we were there.  And then a mass exodus… I thought the movie theater must have let out as all the cars started exiting at once, then all the Walmart employees, then all the other mall shops.  It was a ‘Code Blue’ bomb threat and the mall was evacuating.
IMG_3550 (640x479)IMG_3551 (640x473)

With a front row seat to Armageddon we poured a glass of wine and watched the excitement.  With the wine we also had the very best Wi-Fi!, better than home!, with no competition on available networks.  We decided to stay … a good thing nothing blew up!

In the morning a half dozen ears of corn were had on the way to Bridalveil Falls.  Bridalveil is a quick 1 hour stop with ample parking and dog friendly.  One of the prettiest falls – ever!  It’s well worth the stop.
IMG_3559 (640x479)IMG_3563 (640x479)

Hope BC was host to the 2009 Chainsaw Carving Championships.  The top 10 carvings are located around town, but the best are easy to find in the Rotary Park along the Frazier River.
IMG_3572 (640x468)IMG_3573 (640x467)IMG_3574 (640x472)IMG_3575 (640x477)

Historic Yale is not something we’d do again.   Although the museum is good, it’s not great, and the grounds can be scene from outside the fenced area.  The town's walking tour is also unfulfilling as most the sites shown on the map are longer there.
IMG_3578 (640x473)IMG_3579 (640x480)IMG_3587 (640x479)IMG_3588 (640x473)IMG_3585 (640x474)IMG_3586 (640x473)IMG_3598 (640x479)IMG_3605 (640x480)

Did you ever wonder what really happened to the King?  Elvis is well, singing karaoke in Yale, BC.
IMG_3609 (640x476)

Alexandra Bridge makes for a nice lunch stop.  This is another easy walk.IMG_3626 (640x479)IMG_3619 (640x479)

We pretty much skipped the tourist trap at Hell’s Gate, just a leg stretch to see what it was about.  Not our type of tourist trap.  Use Google or YouTube to see what it offers.
IMG_3629 (640x470)IMG_3630 (640x469)

The old Anglican Church just before the bridge as entering Spence’s Bridge is interesting.  The pastor who officiate a funeral there last week was also present during our visit, (that’s his big RV in the picture).  There is also a cemetery just south of the church, we left the pastor alone to visit in private.
IMG_3633 (640x447)IMG_3635 (640x470)

If you want to purchase veggies at a local shop Horstings Farm Market is a tourist trap that delivers… Our kind of tourist trap!  Not just local fresh produce, but breads made from on-site potatoes, berries and pies made from on-site berries.  Ok it’s not cheap, but good seldom is.
IMG_3643 (640x480)IMG_3646 (640x480)

The Visitor Center at 100 Mile House has the well photographed ‘longest cross-country skis’, but also a nice paved walk around the pond behind the center, which is not as well documented.  Dog friendly short walk with lots of birds to see.
IMG_3651 (640x478)IMG_3652 (640x471)
IMG_3655 (640x479)IMG_3661 (640x480)

Also at 100 Mile House is Centennial Park with its ball fields, tennis courts and a short walk to another nice waterfall.  This was a welcome lunch stop.
IMG_3663 (640x480)IMG_3664 (640x480)

At 108 Mile Ranch is a nice historic park – better than Yale and FREE!, it’s just north of the Ranch exit.  There is also a 5k/10k dog friendly hike/bike trail around the lake/lakes.
IMG_3675 (640x480)IMG_3676 (640x479)
IMG_3697 (640x468)IMG_3698 (640x477)

We checked out the beautiful Luc La Cache Provincial Park ($18 CA).  The campground is across the highway from the lake in a beautiful wooded setting.  However we chose to push on to Williams Lake to take in some of the First Nation’s (Native Canadian) version of the town’s more famous Stampede that was last weekend.
IMG_3721 (640x476)IMG_3713 (640x476)
IMG_3732 (640x464)IMG_3734 (640x457)

Campground reviews:
North Whidbey RV Park
Good location next to Deception Pass, laundry facilities, free hot showers.  Usable WiFi no cell

Chilliwack Walmart
A very quiet night after a bomb threat closed Wall mart and the rest of the mall stores.  Also the very best WiFi from either Walmart or Bank of Montreal.  Excellent cell w/ several over the air TV.

Brookside RV Park
FHU w/ Good Sam $25 (US), no cell, usable WiFi, golf across the street,small sites

Williams Lake Stampede
We hit the First Nation version of last weeks Stampede, fun event.  FHU $25 US (30 AMP/$30 USD 50 AMP) w/ usable WiFi, hot showers $1 CA  good cell and a couple over the air TV

Next up - North!!!
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