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February 05, 2016

Urban Hiking–San Diego’s Marian Bear Park

Marian Bear Memorial Park is in the San Clemente Canyon between I-5 on the west and I-805 on the east, about 5 miles distant.
IMG_0269 (640x475)

Like Tecolote Canyon it is also divided into 3 sections, but unlike Tecolote each section has its own parking lot - and each lot has ample parking, a restroom and trash facilities.  Along with Rose Canyon and Tecolote Canyon these three open space areas are collectively called the Tri-Canyon Parks.

Today I’ll enter Marian Bear on Genesee and hike east to I-805 and then back west adding a couple miles to this beautiful morning walk.

IMG_0238 (640x479)IMG_0241 (640x480)

Side trails offer easy access for the local residents to enjoy the open space.  Dogs (on leash) are most welcome too. 

Cobb Trail is where I would enter the park when making a loop from Tecolote Canyon into San Clemente Canyon.  That’s back in the day when a nice mountain bike ride was part of my weekend.

The rocks in the tree hollow make me wonder if Boo Radley has moved into the park.
IMG_0246 (640x480)IMG_0247 (640x478)

Benches and picnic tables are found along the trails and the parking lots.
IMG_0243 (640x479)IMG_0245 (640x472)
IMG_0265 (640x480)IMG_0274 (640x479)

At all times the sounds of traffic can be heard.  The park is urban and follows along the south side of Hwy 52.  But my destination is not just the eastern end of the park at 805, but to continue on to the ‘locals only’ section.  This area was once Disney Princesses and cartoon characters, but it has become more hardened over time, altho the art is still quite good.
IMG_0256 (640x479)IMG_0261 (640x464)

IMG_0262 (640x480)IMG_0252 (640x473)
… but think I liked the cartoon characters better.

Time to turn around and head west, where most hikers, dog walkers or bikers would enter the park.  But there will be some water crossings, and I did dress for this!

IMG_0266 (640x480)IMG_0268 (640x480)IMG_0270 (640x479)IMG_0280 (640x480)

Keen open toed sandals!  Take the water in stride and dry out quickly.
IMG_0290 (640x480)

OK Pam, it is not a crested cactus, but check out the ‘hearts’.  I counted seven on this plant.  Obviously more common than the crest, but still a fun find.
IMG_0272 (640x479)IMG_0273 (640x473)

Taking the trails from the Regents Road paring area make for easy, wide well maintained travel.  There are restrooms, picnic areas and ample parking here.

IMG_0275 (640x480)IMG_0276 (640x480)IMG_0278 (640x479)IMG_0280 (640x480)

This last water crossing is optional.  On a bike I’d exit the park here, but in sandals … splash on!
Hard to believe I’m less than a half mile from Costco!
IMG_0284 (640x480)IMG_0285 (640x465)

And I’m just across the tracks from my destination. 
IMG_0286 (640x479)IMG_0292 (640x443)

It’s NOON and no beer till 2PM on a Friday!  I do not have a plan B … and out of water! ARG!!
IMG_0294 (640x478)

Fortunately Fran is playing tennis at the PB Club and offers to let me buy her lunch at Rubio’s #1 in exchange for a ride back.
IMG_0298 (640x479)

Altho most of the Rubio’s sites have beer alas #1 does not.
If staying in either of the RV Parks in DeAnza Cove this hike/bike can be done in reverse following the Rose Creek Trail. 
IMG_0295 (640x480)

Altho I’d recommend for bikers to do the Tecolote to San Clemente in the counter clockwise direction and plan on arriving at Karl’s after 2PM on a Wed-Sat … just say’n.

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