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February 26, 2016

Sunsets and a Green Flash

I managed to capture at least a bit of the green flash from the back deck.  When the air is stratified the flash is most likely to occur.  The pictures are in pairs, the first is that from the deck and then the second is a blowup from the computer.  Here’s some ideas of what to look for.  When the air is stratified there is usually a green flash.
P1050988 (640x479)1
P1050999 (640x480)2
P1060003 (640x479)3

As you can see I live in a neighborhood with above ground power lines, which got me thinking there are better spots.  The Best-Of listing for sunset views is for Broken Hill Trail in the Torrey Pines State Reserve.  So that is my ultimate destination today, but I know of a few other spots closer while waiting for the morning traffic to die down.

First up is The Viewpoint, yes that’s what the locals call it, but officially it is within the La Jolla Open Space Preserve.  No matter when, parking is never easy in La Jolla, but both spots were open this morning at the trailhead at the La Jolla Troll Bridge.
IMG_0654 (640x424)IMG_0656 (640x480)

The trail starts out shaded, enjoy it that’s all there is.  Then it rocky and steep, then rutted and steep, and finally just steep.  This is a short 1 mile unrelenting exposed hill climb.  Boots and water are a must.
IMG_0657 (640x477)IMG_0658 (640x479)IMG_0659 (640x477)IMG_0655 (640x479)

There is bench at the top, and as a reward, why thelocals call it The Viewpoint.
North toward Del Mar and east toward University City.
IMG_0660 (640x479)IMG_0661 (640x479)

Southwest with the La Jolla Country Club golf course and west over the Village
IMG_0663 (640x475)IMG_0664 (640x472)

Then south toward Pacific Beach, but with a couple more hikers coming up the trail it’s time I move on.
IMG_0665 (640x480)IMG_0667 (640x479)

After driving over the top of Mount Soldad I arrived at the National Veterans Memorial.
IMG_0638 (640x479)IMG_0639 (640x479)IMG_0646 (640x480)IMG_0644 (640x480)

After many years of legal fights to have the cross removed from public land, the property has been sold.  And hopefully the cross can remain as a tribute to the servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice, to protect the rights of those who would complain about a cross on city property. 
IMG_0643 (640x465)IMG_0645 (640x479)

Looking back north toward La Jolla and west over Bird Rock area.
IMG_0628 (640x471)IMG_0631 (640x479)

I have yet to blog Rose Canyon shown on the left as it follows the railroad tracks on the north side of 52.  On the south side is San Clemente Canyon, which I hiked a couple weeks ago.
IMG_0633 (640x479)IMG_0635 (640x480)

Oops!  The anti-theft device refuses to disengage.  No amount of fiddling nor wiggling of the wires nor the key has any effect.  AAA to the rescue.
IMG_0648 (640x467)

StarGard is a keyed anti-theft system.  The computer is located somewhere under the dash, which will read the codes embedded in the key.  There are 7 wires to the computer: 2 for the flashing red LED to indicate it is armed, 2 for power and ground and 3 to read the codes in the key.  But only 2 wires on the output.  It is easy trace to where these 2 wires connect under the steering column.
IMG_0651 (640x435)IMG_0652 (640x480)

My solution was to reconnect the 2 wires under the steering column to each other, thus returning to the original factory wiring.  But I did leave the computer installed, which will flash the red LED to warn you not to try to steal this Jeep Smile.

I never did make it to Torrey Pines …

This link shows the Green Flash which can occur not just at sunset, but sunrise, moonset, it can occur over mountains.  So enjoy the green flash wherever you can find it!

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