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February 12, 2016

The Museum of Making Music–Carlsbad, CA

I have to admit I can’t play any instrument, not even the radio!  But my math skills are ok.  With the Grand-girls out of school for the President’s Day weekend the museum was a convenient destination.

IMG_0455 (640x480)IMG_0453 (640x480)

Located above the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, which are now planted with strawberries.  We’ll be back for the berries when they are ready!

The museum is a hands on experience.  However I thought the science/math of sound waves and their creation (that is the ‘making of music’ lacking.  So putting that behind me it was $5 ea well spent and here’s what to expect.

Classic instruments and those with a historic history.  Unusual pieces, I’d never heard of a harp/guitar.  The museum is divided into periods of history each with a set of buttons to hear the instrument played by the musician who made it famous.  Such as John Philip playing his own Sousaphone.
IMG_0457 (640x480)IMG_0458 (640x474)
IMG_0460 (640x480)IMG_0463 (640x479)

Throughout the museum are hands-on exhibits.  Here the Grand-girls Aj and Kg tackle the mandolin.   Oh please not the drums!  Ah, but the headphones allow the drummer to hear and those close by, but not too bad a few feet away.
IMG_0461 (640x479)IMG_0466 (640x477)

An electric lap steel guitar.
IMG_0471 (640x462)IMG_0470 (640x473)

Did I mention I can’t play the radio?  I am so tone deaf!  However, my dad had this ‘squeeze box’ and taught both piano and accordion.  Guess that makes me like the cobbler’s son.  And my son plays the sax, Kg has just begun to play the Alto Clarinet.  BTW – my daughter (the girls mother) plays the radio about as well as I do.

IMG_0472 (640x459)IMG_0465 (640x464)

IMG_0473 (640x480)IMG_0476 (640x436)

IMG_0477 (640x480)IMG_0478 (640x474)

IMG_0482 (640x479)IMG_0491 (640x480)

The Innovation Station is a segment that is all hands-on, have-fun section.  Here Kg selects an electric guitar over the banjo or ukulele, another visitor has the acoustic guitar.
IMG_0479 (640x480)IMG_0493 (640x467)

Aj on the electric drums, or a duet on the piano.  Kg tackles a lap harp while Aj tries to figure out what a drum stick is for. 
IMG_0487 (640x459)IMG_0494 (640x479)
IMG_0495 (640x471)IMG_0496 (640x462)

The El Nino is still providing some decent surf although not much rain here.  The waves here are no comparison to those further north but still very high for us.  Both girls suggest we check them out.

IMG_0504 (640x473)IMG_0511 (640x473)

IMG_0517 (640x480)IMG_0518 (640x480)

The surf was enough to keep the birds on-shore, but not a determined stand-up paddle boarder.
IMG_0525 (640x479)IMG_0531 (640x480)

And of course some fun in the sand.  Aj made snails but for the waves to take - and take they did – no pictures, the waves took them too fast.  Kg is stuck with her hand buried in the sand.
IMG_0528 (640x480)IMG_0529 (640x446)

Waiting for the Green Flash …
IMG_0534 (640x480)

I frequently tell my daughter “If I knew the Grand-girls would be so much fun … I’d had them first!”  But when I brought them home dirty, wet, sandy, sun burned, etc. after a trip to the museum her rebuke – “Glad you had fun!”  Guess I am glad she was first …

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