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December 17, 2015

Kingston Trio at The Springs - Borrego Springs via OLW

This is really a test of Open Live Writer, I’ve tried text, links, pics and all worked alone so now I want ti integrate that into a singe post.  I chose the concert as I have not used it before.

This trip is from March 2014:
Dropping down from Ranchita the deset floor is clearing from a thunderstorm with the rainbow promising great weather to come!   For this trip Rufus was set up in a dry site within the State Park.
P1000795.1 (640x480)P1000813 (640x480)

The kids are coming up to join me at Panorama Overlook for the sunrise.  A nice morning hike to a sunrise view. 
P1000809 (640x480)

But the real attraction of the weekend – the Kingston Trio.  And Bob Shane is still able to perform!  This is a top notch performance by guys who still care about the audience and fans.  Although we’ve seen them for each of the fundraisers in Borrego, I’m ready to see them again Smile.  Trivia – The ‘Trio’ has always been a ‘Quartet’!
P1000844 (640x480)P1000851 (640x480)

A surprise on this trip was the filming of Last Days in the Desert with Ewan McGregor as Jesus and Ewan McGregor as Satan.
P1000853 (640x480)P1000854 (640x480)P1000854.4 (640x480)P1000858 (640x480)

Notes on OLW – very similar interface to WLW, but no spell checker for Windows 7.  Like WLW works off-line, blogger editor requires a connection.  No option for ‘labels’?
Workaround - 'post as draft' and use blogger's tools

BTW – the Kinston Trio did not to Borrego this year and do not have it on the schedule for next year.  DANG!

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  1. I bet there were a lot of disappointed people to find the film crew out at Font's Point!


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