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January 23, 2016

2016 - Alaska Bound

Alaska will our big ‘road trip’ this year.  A copy of The Milepost
The Milepost -

was a Christmas gift and I’ve been making serious notes from its contents … and its margins … and highlighter.  Driving to Alaska?  Get the book!  It includes British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon Territories.  Similar to Next Exit for US freeways.

Rufus is a great help to extend our range as we explore the great outdoors.  I think British Columbia and Yukon Territories and Alaska must be about as great as it gets.  I'm sure the RV will be up to the task, not so sure if we are!

But to get there from San Diego is also an adventure.  We plan to spend some time on the Olympic Peninsula on the way north.  We’ll meet family there, and not cross into Canada until after the 4th of July.  Do they celebrate our Independence Day?

I know this is a vague post, but I find that nothing beats a personal experience.  If you have blogged your experiences of the Olympic Peninsula, or your Alaskan adventure I’d like to follow along.  Just send me your link.  I’ll be making commitments soon.

The Wynns’ have a great blog of their experiences if you would like to see their route.  They are professional bloggers with a great site. 

Any others blog this trip?

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