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March 20, 2015

Spring Training–side tripping

Although the ball games are the reason to be here in March.  The traffic is heavier in March and everything is more crowded.  But that does not mean there’s no reason to do some other fun stuff.
The wildflowers are in bloom, there off-road trails, hikes abound.  The Dolly Steamboat has found a new home on Canyon Lake, which I’ll cover in a separate post.
Wildflowers this year:
IMG_5011 (640x343)IMG_5016 (640x360)IMG_5020 (640x360)IMG_4996 (640x359)IMG_4945 (640x360)IMG_4950 (640x360)IMG_4951 (640x359)IMG_4954 (640x360)IMG_4927 (640x359)IMG_4928 (640x360)IMG_4899 (640x358)IMG_4905 (640x360)IMG_4913 (640x359)IMG_4923 (640x360)IMG_5045 (640x347)
Off-road in Bulldog Canyon:
IMG_5019 (640x348)IMG_5007 (640x360)IMG_5008 (640x360)IMG_5009 (640x359)IMG_5014 (640x360)IMG_5015 (640x360)IMG_5017 (640x360)IMG_5018 (640x360)IMG_5021 (640x360)IMG_5022 (640x359)
The Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake will be up next.

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