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March 21, 2015

Dolly Steamboat sunset ride

Many years ago the family enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Dolly when it was sailing on Lake Pleasant.  The boat now cruises on Canyon Lake along the Apache Trail (AZ-88).

There’s so much beauty winding thru the hills and canyons along this route, which is paved for a few miles east of Tortilla Flat where it becomes graded dirt up to Lake Roosevelt.  Having done the full drive a couple times before this trip was limited to a quick stop at Tortilla Flat for lunch and some sight seeing
.IMG_5033 (640x409)IMG_5051 (640x357)

The dirt road begins about mile marker 220 with a nice view point at marker 222.
IMG_5038 (640x360)IMG_5036 (640x360)
IMG_5039 (640x359)IMG_5043 (640x359)

The Dolly looks much the same, but with a nice fresh coat of paint.
IMG_5055 (640x359)IMG_5056 (640x345)

Canyon Lake offers more diverse geology and wildlife within its steep canyon walls.  Shortly after boarding, while still docked the first Big Horn Sheep was spotted directly across from where we sat. As the cruise progressed other groups were also seen

.IMG_5061 (640x360)IMG_5078 (640x360)
IMG_5106 (640x360)IMG_5113 (640x360)

A bald eagle has nested atop one of the spires along the route.  Takes a close look to see the white head, but the nest is pretty obvious.
IMG_5068 (640x360)

The volcanic activity that formed much of this area left gas pockets that are now seen as hollows in the rock.  Another interesting item was the large number of petrified logs in the rock.  In this picture they are laying flat with their ends sticking out of the rock.
IMG_5083 (640x359)IMG_5096 (640x359)

This was an evening cruise with the long shadows that go with the late afternoon.
IMG_5090 (640x356)IMG_5101 (640x359)IMG_5112 (640x359)IMG_5120 (640x359)

Weaver’s Needle is an obvious landmark throughout the area.  The Lost Dutchman Mine is said to lay in the shadow of the Needle.  If only the day and time were also included in the rumor the mine not still be lost …
IMG_5118 (640x359)

A nice look back at the Superstition Mountains in the alpine glow of sunset
IMG_5122 (640x347)

A rainbow and low clouds greet the return to Usery.
IMG_5126 (640x360)IMG_5130 (640x359)
A very nice day.

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