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March 25, 2015

Critters in the compartment

I’ve heard lots of discussion of what works to keep mice, squirrels, etal. from invading the warmth and shelter of the engine compartment.   Moth balls work for some, coyote urine, Irish Spring soap bars … etc.  I can confirm that the little critters at Usery Regional Park are not repelled by soap bars!  The local guests and the host insist that rope lights will keep the pests away.

Started up Saturday AM to begin the trip home.  Made it about 12’ when I noticed there was diesel fuel spewing.  The dark spot in front of the rear tires show where I was parked and the mess under the front end how far I went.  And the cause was an obvious missing section of high-pressure tubing.
P1020434 (640x480)P1020433 (640x463)

The use of some self-fusing silicon tape and a clamp slowed the gush to a trickle allowing the RV to be moved to a pull-thru site for pick up in a few days for repairs.
P1020437 (640x480)P1020438 (640x480)
This tape is awesome, it will only stick to itself and is immune to chemicals of the fuel.  Moved about 25 yards to a site better situated for the tow truck.

Earnhardt Dodge in Gilbert was the only place on Saturday that could order a replacement part.  Coming in Tuesday from LA.  Tow truck scheduled.  They must sell a lot of Dodges this place is spotless!  Nothing in San Diego comes close.    Mark, the Sprinter service adviser, managed to schedule Rufus into the work flow of the day.  And Tuesday AM it’s ‘ Move’n Day’.  They did right by us and Mark was great with ensuring the transport went smooth.
P1020444 (640x457)P1020451 (640x471)

That rear clamp on the elbow is really problematic, the tech did some disassemble to to reach it.  But still had us on the road in less than a couple hours.  Celebrate the freedom of the open road with another stop somewhere between No and Where, is Dateland and date shake.  The final night on the road was spent Casino Camping as guests of the Golden Acorn.
P1020454 (640x478)P1020457 (640x469)

Sure it’s good to be home, but looking forward to the next trip – a short weekend along the Silver Strand.

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