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August 25, 2023

Tacos, Hillary and College Bound

Of course Marty follows the blog and my ratings of our ‘grilled’ fish tacos has him wanting to find the best ‘authentic’ fish taco.  To be an authentic fish taco, the fish would need to be beer battered and deep fried.

Rubio’s started the fish taco craze, by bringing the original San Felipe formula to the US.

Rubio’s also offers a very nice salsa bar.  There are three choices of heat in the spices, jalapenos and pico de gallo with cilantro and onions.  A nice touch.

I had my 2-taco plate made with their original fish taco and the grilled mahi.  Along with picante salsa, pico de gallo and a few extra jalapenos.

Rubio’s original taco was Marty's instant favorite!

We had to take him to the Royal Rooster.  Fran and I enjoyed our grilled fish while Marty raved over the more authentic fried fish taco.

We also split a 50/50 basket.  That is a nice balance of fries and onion rings.  I have not their 'authentic' fish taco in so long that I really don't remember it, but the grilled is really good!

Of course we took him to Aquarius, where the weekday Happy Hour starts at 11 am.

He also had a carne asada taco.  The Aquarius does not offer an 'authentic' fish taco, but he was quite pleased with the grilled mahi.

For Taco Tuesday it would be hard to be beat the offerings at Off Shore.  Marty’s now favorite ‘authentic’ fish taco.

Insider tip:  Order just one taco, with black beans.  The beans are warm and cheesy with enough chips.  If two tacos are ordered they are served on the same sized plate and the chips are sacrificed.

And there is one thing he will not let us run out of is fresh salsa!  Almost daily he’s in the kitchen whipping some up.

The pan is lined with foil to prevent the sugars released from burning into the pan.

We received our first ever Tropical Storm Warning as Hurricane Hillary moved north.  The counter clockwise winds did bring us a nice sunset, that we enjoyed for the deck.

We were spared the fury fo Hillary, our only damage was a branch knocked off our Sweet Gum tree.

We had tickets to the Moonlight Theater's presentation of 42nd Street, but alas the performance was cancelled, for fear of what might have been.  Aj was disappointed as she wanted to ‘Dance in the Rain’.

At least Aj danced in the rain ... in her own back yard.

Cities east of us were hammered!  Palm Springs, Ocotillo, Borrego Springs, etc. all received their annual rainfall in just a couple hours.

The next day we had a nice lunch as both Aj and sister Kg head off to college.

I dropped Marty off at CBX this morning.  He’ll fly out of Tijuana and be spending a week in Mazatl├ín.  I’ll drop Fran off tomorrow as she heads to Dayton for a couple weeks.  I’m on my own for a bit of ‘Me Time’.  I have no plans at the moment as to how to spend it ... suggeations?


  1. Your post reminded me of a friend of mine who despises fish tacos. We try to feed them to him all the time, but he just refuses.
    As for what to do, grab your camera and head to someplace crowded like a park, taking pictures of random things, find the nature within even the most urban of places.

    1. Thanks Jim! What's not to like about a fish taco? Well he grand-girls would prefer a carne taco ... hard to believe we're related!

  2. Gay and JoeAugust 25, 2023

    Yummy…you named some new places for us to try next time we visit. It’s no secret how my mouth waters every time you post about fish tacos! We love the beach at LaJolla…walking there when the tide is out is so beautiful although I don’t know when the pelicans arrive…they are a huge draw for me. I love photographing them. We also enjoy walking the streets/neighborhoods at Coronado, but I know you have done that many times. I’m sure you will find lots of fun things to do…

    1. Forgot…so happy you didn’t have any major issues with Hillary and safe travels Fran!

    2. Fran is settling into Ohio, hot and humid!
      Thanks for some fun local suggestions! You know this area better than I do ;) ... But did you know the mega-project on the Chula Vista waterfront is really taking shape! I know you stay in the area. I did an 8 mi bike ride yesterday, I just might work up to a ride along your waterfront :)

  3. The most typical hurricane "damage" we have in FL. Friend said it best: All that hype and you get a stick in your yard. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I'll take a 'stick in the yard'! sure beats the flooding and power outages of those hit hardest.

  4. love the search for the perfect fish taco! Sounds like my kind of activity. I'm afraid, though, that COVID has ruined me, forever, from being able to eat anything from a buffet, salad bar or salsa bar....sigh.

    1. Covid has put a damper on many culinary activities. I sure miss our local Salad Bar, but I just can't pass up a salsa bar :)

  5. Now I need to make fish tacos! What fun going around to try out the different fish tacos. Glad you didn't get hit hard by the storm. We were suppose to get an inch of rain but received none. How is your knee coming along, by the way?

    1. We all agreed that that Off Shore offers the best local option for Taco Tuesday. Have you tried them? They're on Morena Blvd, not far from De Anza Cove.
      Glad you were also spare the worst of that Hilary had left.
      Thanks for asking about the knee. At 8+ weeks post surgery I can say I'm at where i was pre-surgery. So it should continue to improve from here. The troublesome popping continues with each step, that's really all that remains to overcome.

    2. I have never had the tacos. Hopefully, we'll get back to SD again soon.
      Good to hear the knee is doing well. Hope the popping goes away.

    3. Pam - it would be my privilege to treat John and the 'Nimble Hiker' to a fish tacos!

  6. I can appreciate that his favorite changed with every one he tried! I'm still a Rubio's fan when we're in SoCal :-) Beautiful storm infused skies. I agree with Jim about the camera, park and random photos for your me-time.

    1. Rubio's #1 is just down the hill from us, my retirement lunch was held at Rubio's Test Kitchen! I'm a Rubio's fan too. I'd be happy to introduce you and Bill (and Tessa) to some of their competition ;)


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