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October 30, 2022

Fish Tacos - Split decision

For my birthday I wanted to do a bike ride to the Walking on Water Cafe (the ‘WOW’ Cafe) on the Ocean Beach Pier.

But using a different route.  I drove to the Presidio Ball Fields on the south side of I-8 and the west end of Mission Valley.  This is the entrance to the Mission Valley Preserve.

Although officially a maintained bike route, it contained way more than its share of trash and homeless encampments.

The bike path passes under Morena Blvd, the Green and Blue Line Trolley tracks, Pacific Highway and clover leaf intersection of I-8 and I-5.  It is this section that has the most encampments.

However, once west of I-5 there a long sections of the ride that offer nice views of the San Diego River.

Although the West Mission Bay Drive bridge has been open to traffic for some time, construction continues.

Bicyclists are asked to dismount and walk the construction zone.

We left the bike path at Rob Field Skate Park, where there is a nice picnic area.

I wanted to take a few photos for Phil in Phoenix (a former long time resident) of the winner of the San Diego Union’s Onion Award.  Phil saw the article and asked if I take a picture or two.

Too Many Signs

Too Many Fences

Too Confusing

We followed the road to Dog Beach where another traffic circle is scheduled.

Another is slated for Cable Street! AGH!!

The OB Fishing Pier is the longest concrete pier on the west coast.

We walked out to the WOW Cafe, which is just beyond the halfway point.  This pelican has frequently welcomed visitors to the pier.

I always order just a single grilled fish taco.  Then Fran will order the taco plate – a single grilled fish taco with a choice of 2 sides: Fries; Onion Rings; Clam Chowder; or Cole Slaw.

We share the sides as neither of us could finish the whole thing.

Take a close look at the taco:

The taco is wrapped in 2 corn tortillas and loaded with toppings.  The fork is indeed needed!  The fries are good too, the slaw just above average.

The Verdict:
Fran had to knock off a few points as she felt it was a bit drier than the last few times. That’s a lack of consistency and gives the Royal Rooster her top spot by a slight margin.

I argue the Royal Rooster has also been inconsistent, and for a few months they did not offer a grilled fish taco.  It’s still not on their menu, but they will grill one, on request, for a $2 surcharge … it’s worth it, request your fish taco grilled.

My vote still goes to the WOW Cafe.

Next time you are in town decide for yourself where the best fish taco can be had.  And don’t forget to try the Rubio’s chain, not bad for the chain that brought the fish taco to San Diego from San Felipe.


  1. It’s Gay…I like your plan! We will definitely do the taste test. I like both grilled and fried fish tacos. To date, the fried catfish taco is my favorite. You are both very fortunate that you both love your bikes and use them so much. Bikes and I don’t get along and Joe loves to ride them.

    1. We seldom see catfish available at the markets and never as a taco. I can see it would be good with a firm boneless meat.
      Looking forward to the results of your taco testing.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Does Oliver like Fish Tacos? They are at the Royal Rooster almost every time we visit, even a water bowl for the pups!

  3. You got your exercise and earned the meal. I hate roundabouts! Happy belated!

    1. Thanks Gaelyn! I too dislike those roundabouts, so many are just plain confusing and do little to help with traffic flow.


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