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June 23, 2020

Old Town State Historic Park - Lunch stop

Old Town State Historic Park is included as a California State Park and remains closed.  However, the park is home to individual businesses that can open if they meet the state’s Covid-19 safety requirements.  So under the June Gloom we ventured out for lunch.

All the restaurants outside the park boundary were quite crowded.  At Cafe Coyote and Miguel’s the waiting lines have extended into the street.  A few folks are not masked ...

I’m still not comfortable with the crowds and wanted an outdoor patio setting away from the street.

El Antojo (The Craving) may have the best chips in Old Town, although their patio is raised off the street it is also enclosed in plexiglass.

One of my favorites is Casa de Maria.  It has a nice outside seating area and live music, but we eat there often.

Within the park boundary the larger shops like the colorful Casa de Aguirre are open.

But most of the smaller shops and all of the museums remain closed.

The plaza and Fiesta de Reyes are open.  There are signs at the entrances outlining the safety requirements.  With the reminder that “NO evidence of Covid-19 transmitted through food!”

Not surprisingly the dining area is packed.  To accommodate, more tables have been placed in front of the performance stage.

Street tacos are tempting, maybe next time.  There’s not a good place to sit and enjoy them.

We’ve made the rounds and Barra Barra Saloon is a perfect spot with its raised deck where we can people watch while listening to mariachi music.

And they’ve been voted Best Margarita in San Diego.  For $7 I’d agree.

As June give way to July and more things open it will then become our Tourist Season and getting out will not be as safe nor as easy.


  1. we haven't made it to eating out yet... but who knows, maybe soon... or not!

    1. We certainly have our reservations too, but we are in a very familiar area and not on the road while still being cautious.
      Stay Safe!

  2. We've not eaten anything not produced by me since mid March! I'm still not comfortable eating out yet, and especially not interested in waiting in line to do so (although I dearly miss it!). Sigh. I remind myself to keep looking forward.....

    1. You're certainly more disciplined than we are. We wanted some good Mexican food before the tourist season takes off, now it's back to homecook'n.

  3. vivid. Stopped for Cambodian takeout and the patio was empty. We stayed and ate there with our brown boxes.

    1. You SCORE! SandyEggo has a wide distribution of ethnic food, including lots of Vietnamese but not much Khmer. I think the last time I had Cambodian was in Cambodia - a very long time ago ...

  4. It's tough to find the right comfort zone when eating out. Think I'd go for the street cart there. Yesterday ate outside with a friend at Escobars in Kanab. Such a strange little town.

    1. We passed thru Kanab a few times, but did not at Escobars. I looked Escobars up, next time it'll be a nice lunch stop for Mexican food.


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