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June 10, 2020

Mission Bay Park - It is now OPEN!

Mission Bay Park was released from most Covid-19 restrictions on June 8th.  Mission Bay Park is now open at 100% parking/activity with only the social distance of 6’ restriction!  WaHoo!

We took advantage of ‘Opening Day’ for a bike ride around the bay. 

Mission Mobile Home Park from de Anza Cove

It was great to see families back enjoying the day.  Although nothing near a normal park day attendance we did see more families on the grass, the water and also taking advantage of the boardwalk. 

Families having fun

Fisherman at the Leisure Lagoon, with a fully staffed Life Guard Tower.   

As the summer continues to heat up the park will become more crowded with “zonies and honies” ... the affectionate slang term for those who come from Arizona (zonies) and El Cajon (honies) to escape their heat and enjoy our beaches.

Officially the Mission Bay Boardwalk is open, altho the signs have not yet been collected.

There is literally nobody at Sunset Point, where we once played volleyball.

Nor at Bahia Point where friends Tom and Donna held their wedding.

Across the inlet is Bonita Cove, where this fella misjudged the tides or simply did not connect securely to his buoy.


We stopped for a brief visit with Fran's sister and her husband.  Their new puppy Chica is a very friendly companion.

Fran with Chica

To complete the Bay loop we rode along Sail Bay and Crown Point to the Kendall Marsh

Snowy Egret at Kendall Marsh

... and then back to De Anza Cove to complete the loop, before heading back home.

I have a few more home project pictures to bore you, as we continue to stay close to home.

Our Hollywood Apple tree has been very productive this year.  Having already made a couple quarts of applesauce, Fran decided on an apple crisp this time.

Almost as good as a Julian Pie, almost – but a lot healthier!

I power washed the deck and applied a fresh coat of stain. 
  I also took the time to clean up and varnish some of the deck furniture.

Together we made short work of a picnic puzzle we purchased awhile ago for the grand-girls.  I was a bit challenged by it, but I’m sure they’d have no problem :)  The last of our puzzles!  YAY!!!

Although the city libraries remain closed we can still pick up requests at the Point Loma branch.  The audio books and the Ghost Mountain DVDs are mine, Fran prefers a page turner.  Altho we can pick up we still cannot return items.

There's an advantage to having our pick up point in Point Loma. Near the Point Loma Library is my favorite burger joint, Hodad’s in Ocean Beach.  A small basket with more than enough fries to share.  Why/What is a Hodad? I have that covered in a previous blpog HERE.

The kitchen project has been the biggest of our 'Stay at Home' projects.  But the walls are now prepared and measurements have been taken for the counter tops.  We expect to hear from the fabricators in a couple weeks.

San Diego continues to open various outdoor areas.  This week Balboa Park including the San Diego Zoo will be opening.  Some hotels and casinos are also opening, almost getting to the New Normal.

Suzi has been updating the blog Our Awesome Travels.  In remembrance of George I put peanut butter on a ‘tube steak’ burrito, thanks for the tip George!  Pickles and cheese optional ...

RIP George! while the rest of us ... Stay Safe!


  1. Love me some Hodads...

    1. Next time you're out this way ... my treat!

    2. They have the best onion rings!

    3. They indeed do! Also grilled onions on the burgers ...

  2. Home improvement jobs and eating.....sounds familiar!

    1. I'm sure you and Dave are using your at-home time doing much of the same.

  3. Wonderful to be back out and about and certainly more fun than home projects. Hard to believe you're picking apples already but the crisp looks delish, as does the pie.

    1. not many apple trees can handle the mild coastal weather and with the early rain our little Hollywood apple tree bolted. I peeled another dozen for applesauce this morning.
      With San Diego reopening I'll be spending less time on projects :))

  4. You've definitely been keeping busy while we needed to isolate. We'll be looking forward to more things opening here.
    George will be sadly missed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm sure you and Kathy will be able to enjoy more bike rides soon. Are you finally caught up with your stay-home projects?
      I only met George and Suzi once, but I'm sure he made a lasting impression on all who knew him.

  5. Yay! Love, love, love Mission Bay Park! I'm sure you're thrilled to have it open again. So much change happening in that area. I wonder how the virus/economic downturn will impact all that stuff (removing the old mobile home, etc). I hope they keep that project moving. Enjoy!

    1. Having lived in one of those mobile homes I do like to keep an eye on those changes, noting new ... But the Park is open and very accessible - until the 'zonies & 'honies take over on the weekends. Thrilled? we're so very thrilled the park is open, even if we do have to share :))

  6. Seems like we are all on the same wave length with this staying at home. Good to hear SD is slowly opening up again. Hope things turn around soon. We have reservation at Mission Bay RV for two week in January. We really enjoying being able to ride out bikes all over and not have to drive. Staying along the bay makes every stay there perfect. I am still puzzling and have three more here and two on the way. I have a serious addiction.

    1. SD is opening and we are trying to take advantage of it. You've spent enough time in here to have your own plans, but if a Happy Hour should work in ... Enjoy those bike rides - the Bay and Hodad's await :))


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