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April 23, 2020

Happy 50th Earth Day

Earth Day marks 45 days sine we returned from Mexico to the restrictions in San Diego.  It also marks the easement of some restrictions, which I’ll mention in a bit.  But first how we spent the last three weeks of home confinement.

Fran finished her jigsaw puzzle ...

and spent some time getting the pieces organized to start another one.

It was decided to remove the wallpaper from the kitchen.  Anyone who has ever done it knows this can be a time consuming project.

I used a wallpaper perforation tool to score the wallpaper, followed by a 25% fabric softener solution to loosen the paste.

Then just spackle, sand and seal with a coat of primer.

Fran wants to select the counter tops before deciding on a paint color.

Part of the kitchen freshen up included restaining the cabinets.

It took a lot of sandpaper and time.  I’m not thrilled with the results and if I do this again I’d paint instead of stain.

Now back to Earth Day 2020, the day when San Diego released restrictions on local neighborhood parks.  A full list of parks opened is on the city’s website HERE.

Both our parks, Western Hills and Tecolote Canyon are now open.  Social distances need to be maintained and parking lots remain closed, but at least we can get out.  Mission Bay remains closed.

But also on the list of open parks is Liberty Station, which is the only open park along the water.  We loaded up our bikes and headed there.  The parking lots are all closed, but there is ample street parking.

The bike path is wide and fairly empty, that’s Fran on the bike ahead of me.

The Bayshore Bikeway is also open, which allowed us to ride thru Spanish Landing with only a couple other bikers on the bike path, to the San Diego Harbor.

The Disney Wonder is still docked downtown.  There were a few people along the harbor, but still easy to maintain distance.

We turned back at the Mega Yacht Basin.

It was definitely a very nice outing for us with postcard-perfect San Diego weather!

In anticipation of the golf courses reopening soon, Fran likes to take a few practice swings in the backyard with the whiffle balls.

I’m limiting my exposure to Corona by drinking the 7oz bottles.

Stay Safe!  y LAVE SUS MANOS!


  1. Wow! Fran is a very organized puzzler! Nice to see what you'be both been doing.

    1. Thanks Suzi! As with your home in NY there are always projects, some must be done others are optional improvements. With 6-weeks on Stay-at-Home here we were able to tackle a few. Hope more fun times soon!
      Stay Safe!

  2. A good time for projects. Glad you could get outside.

    1. Stay-at-Home orders allowed time for projects, but had to get out when the parks were opened.

  3. I wonder why they haven't opened Mission Bay? We were actually discussing whether to head toward Mission Bay RV Resort in the fall since we like it there and their monthly rates aren't bad, but it would be awful to stay in that campground if we couldn't utilize the park next door. Either way, it's good news that they're opening up some places for outdoor recreation and it sounds like there aren't hordes of people. Hopefully, things will stay that way.

    1. Laura - th RV park is open! Just not Mission Bay Park. The RV park is now administered by Campland by the Bay, the an increase in rates to go with the change ...
      I used to live in the park and now on the hill above, I like to keep an eye on the changes there.
      It won't be long before the park itself is opened, so check the rates and 'come'on down'! We can bring the wine :)
      Stay Safe!

    2. Haha. Will do! We are looking forward to getting back to your fine city soon. I'll let you know. Would be fun to meet up!

  4. Very productive with your time.

    1. Not so sure if it is being productive or being bored :)) But thanks! We are doing what we can to be safe and remain sane. How are you doing?


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