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April 04, 2020

Cabin Fever - Covid-19 Stay Home Orders

One of the things I like best about living in San Diego, it’s a lifestyle that is best lived outdoors.  At least that was the case prior to Covid-19.

We returned from Mexico to find all our city parks closed!  Mission Bay does not have a single boat, jogger, biker in the park.

All parking lots are closed and manned to insure compliance, all beaches parks are closed per an executive order by the mayor.

This is true of all City of San Diego parks, even our little Western Hills Park and our Tecolote Canyon.

How are we handling our ‘House Arrest’?  Fran has no golf or tennis!  I have new hiking boot and no place to use them!  Other than a sever case of Cabin Fever, we’ll get by.

I ordered a new camera to replace my beloved Canon G16, which now has a broken lens.

I chose a Panasonic FZ80. It’s a little bulkier, but about the same weight, and a lot more features – most of which I’ll never use.

I’ve run out of weeds to pull in the back yard!, but have the garden seeded.  Beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers will all be sprouting soon.

Strawberries are producing now.

As is the Asian Pear.

There’s Limes and Lemons toward the end of their season, but blooms mean more are on the way.

Oranges, and more oranges!, will we ever run out of oranges????  It was a banner year.

The Apple Tree bolted this year, a bit confused with the early spring.  Tons of little apples, apple sauce?

Artichoke is looking healthy.

And lots of blooms on the dwarf Mandarin.

With rain predicted for the coming week, we’ll be inside.  Fran has a jigsaw puzzle to work on.  I’ve not the patience for it.

She’s spending quality time becoming one with the piano.

My wine cellar is still pretty well stocked.  But I’m out of tequila, that’s probably a good thing :)

When not sitting outside watching the garden grow, I’m taking online Spanish lessons with Duolingo and learning the features of the new camera.

Supplies are fine, we did a Costco run before heading south.  Back when TP was not a hoarded item.

I always pick up a fresh bottle of hand sanitizer before a trip to Mexico.  Also keep one in the RV and a small one for my daypack.  I've two packages of Nitrile gloves, a heavy duty set for the garage and this lighter set normally in the RV.  My N95 mask is leftover from traveling with the wildfires in Montana.

As of today all employees and all patrons of a store must be gloved and masked.  All stores must limit the number of shoppers to allow for safe-distancing.  I have the mask and we made one for Fran from my bandanna that's usually in my daypack.

Grocery stores ravaged while we were gone.  We returned to empty shelves and short supplies.  Our pantry is pretty well stocked so we’re good for a few more weeks.

I might be fluent in Spanish by then, and Fran sounding like Billy Joel on the keyboard.

On a fun note I’ve put up a little contribution to the Covid-19 Bear Hunt.

If you want to learn a bit more about Covid-19 here's a good video from the Yale School of Medicine.  It mentions the importance of hand washing and sanitizing to breakdown the structure of the virus.

Hunker Down, Stay Safe and Lave sus Manos!


  1. Yep it's crazy out there... I have been doing Spanish lessons with Duolingo for more than a year but am definitely not fluent yet...

    1. I should have paid more attention to learning 20 years ago!, when we started the beach house.

  2. I think you two are set. Fresh fruit and vegies, what a treat. Not so bad practicing music and a new language. Muy bueno.

    1. Gracias! Water is pretty expensive in San Diego so I do not plant a garden when we travel. This year we are home as are most other eerybody.

  3. Sounds like you have everything you need right in your own backyard. A little wine, a little music, fresh food and your best friend by your side.
    Oh, and I forgot....a puzzle to do! We always do a puzzle at Christmas, as a family. I just dug out the next Christmas puzzle to do right now....don't tell anyone else.....

    1. Ah Suzi - well said! and I won't tell you're opening Christmas early :)

  4. Your backyard is amazing.i am on day 66 in a Duolingo roll. I usually drop a few days on day 30.

    1. I believe I heard of Duolingo from you. The home we have is walking/biking distance to all Mission Bay, guess we'll always be travelers from here, never full-timers. 'There's no place like home.' No matter where it is.

    2. And a great place you have there.

  5. One thing I definitely look forward to about settling down is the ability to have some plants. Your garden sounds fantastic. Heck, I'd be thrilled with just the orange tree! Sounds wonderful. And, at least you don't have to worry about going hungry during all this! Hasta luego!! :)

    1. Altho the apples are disappointing the oranges are the best ever! The vegi garden could be bigger, but the cost of water in SoCal is a factor. With our mobile life could you grow a potted tomato or herbs? We're not going hungry and do not have to put up with the crowded grocery. Viajes seguros!

    2. I think tomatoes would be a bit tough, just because the plants get pretty big (though - I guess it depends how long we are hunkered down), but some herbs would be doable. We used to grow basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary at our house. We just never started it in the RV, but no time like the present, right??

    3. Looks like you’re going to have a few more weeks to start your herb garden. Just need to find some seeds. :))


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