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October 21, 2019

Lake Murray - Urban Hiking San Diego

Today I’m at southernmost section of Mission Trails Park.  The Kiowa entrance to Lake Murray.

Every Sunday the San Diego Fly Fishers offer free fly casting lessons starting at 9 am. 

I'm actually here for the fly fishing lessons.  No worries I did the hike too.  (I did not think anyone would read this post if I put fly fishing as the title).

The out-n-back paved trail begins at Mile Post 0 just inside the entrance.

The path quickly drops down to the lake with a nice view of the native palms and the invasive Pampas Grass.

This is also a good area for urban bird watching…

… and fishing.  From the main parking lot there is a ramp to assist in launching a float tube.

This is a drinking water reservoir, hence no body contact with the water is permitted.  Waders, float tubes, shore, pier or water craft fishing are all allowed.

A boat launch is provided for those who bring their own, or you can rent one from the concessionaire.

The paved trail follows the shore line from Alvarado Bay to Del Cero Point.

The trail starts out as a sidewalk, but once past the main parking lot it joins with the old access road.

I know the Pampas Grass is non-native and invasive, but it sure looks good against a blue sky.

Many dirt trails lead down to fishing spots.

Or picnic spots.

Or bird watching benches.

Restrooms are provided every half mile or so.

Many of the prickly pear cactus have a large population of cochineal.

Unlike the loop 5 mile at Lake Miramar this is an out-n-back walk.  Access to the dam is gated.

With a few hours learning fly fishing, or a 6+ mile walk, this carnivore was hungry.  The corned beef on rye at D.Z. Akins is legend!  And fortunately it’s just the other side of the freeway.

I know that I'll be taking half of this sandwich home, but I also take half of the meat out.  Fran can make us a couple Ruben sandwiches another day.

Lake Murray is a very popular area for walking, biking, birding etc., with access points from other areas in La Mesa.  But it does not connect to the other trails within Mission Trails Park.

Although there is some shade on the trail it is best done in the early morning.


  1. That’s funny that you said no one would check the post if it were called fly fishing. I would love to learn to fly fish! It’s so pretty to see the line swirling above the water...just down right photogenic even if you never catch anything! Your hike sounds fun and that Reuben looks yummy!

    1. I agree, fly fishing seems to be a most elegant way to spend a day not catching fish. Not sure if I'll stick with it, it's a lot more difficult (and expensive) than I anticipated.

  2. Lewis would drive himself crazy if Dave learned to fly fish! He has enough trouble with regular dock fishing! I'd have many meals out of one of those Reubens!

    1. LOL - I can picture Lewis trying to follow the action of the rod-line-fly and then getting wet. The sandwiches at DZ Akins are silly, we pigged out over 2 days, with 4 meals out of that one sandwich!

  3. Replies
    1. We can't even consider eating like that anymore! But we did take it apart making 4 meals from the meat. Yup they are legend for a reason.

  4. While I personally have to desire to fly fish, I do love to watch them along a mountain stream lined with beautiful trees. It seems so peaceful and calming. Glad you had the opportunity to give it a try. That Reuben looks amazing! And I so understand taking half home with half the meat of the other half as well.

    1. I see fly fishing in the Eastern Sierra, and it does look like a way to become-one with the nature. 4 meals from the sandwich is the way to eat it, or risk a cardiac ... that's a lot of corned beef.

  5. I don't fish but certainly enjoy the environment. And could eat for a week off that yummy sandwich.

    1. I too like the idea of relaxing along a river in the Eastern Sierra and not catching any fish. I was thinking fly fishing would fill that goal for me.
      LOL - we only managed 4 meals from my lunch :) And yes it was yummy!


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