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October 30, 2019

HowTo FMM - Forma Migration Multiple

Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) is a document required by the Mexican government for all tourists entering the country.

It is easily obtained at the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) at the land border crossing, or online.

I prefer to fill out the form for both Fran and myself online and pay online.  I exit the browser between forms as it tends to remember entries from the previous form.

However, even once paid and printed the form is still not valid until stamped by the INM at the border. 

Below are the basic steps on filling out the FMM form getting the appropriate stamps.  It's how we spent our morning ...

The FMM application in English can be found HERE.

Select By Land and agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

If using either of the two INM stations in Tijuana select El Chaparral as the Point of Entry.
Use the drop down calendar to select your arrival date.  Note select first the month and year, and then the date.  Once the date is selected the entry is completed.  Also note the selection is stored in the European format of Day/Month/Year.

I’ve added my comments to assist with the remaining questions.  There’s no secret to answering to them.  Disclaimer:  my entries below are examples only and not related to any actual person.

Forma Migratoria Múltiple Important: To generate your request disable pop-up blocker browser and check to have installed Acrobat Reader. It is essential that has an email account.
<jsp> magenta accent added as this is important!

Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM)
Entry Information
Means of entry*:
By land

Point of entry*:
El Chaparral
<jsp>  Tijuana

Date of arrival to Mexico*:
<jsp> 30 Oct, 2019

Date of departure*:
<jsp> 6 months from date of entry

Personal information
John David
<jsp> First and middle name/initial/space as it appears in your passport

<jsp> Last name as it appears in your passport


Date of birth*:

Nationality (Country)*:
United States of America

Country of birth*:
United States of America

Identification document
Type of document*:


Document number*:

<jsp> passport number

Document number (Confirmation)*:

Country of issue*:
United States of America

Date of issue*:

Date of issue (Confirmation)*:

Expiration date*:

Expiration date (Confirmation)*:

Place of residence
Country of residence*:
United States of America

Address of residence*:
<jsp> I only provide a city, state, zip.

Trip information
Reason of trip*:
<jsp> I could select Other –> Health –> Dental.  But the FMM is good for 6 months and all of Mexico.  So again I am a bit vague.

Baja California
<jsp>  The FMM is good for all of Mexico, but we spend nearly all our time in Baja

Address in Mexico*:
San Felipe, BC
<jsp> Again a bit vague, but it’s never been questioned


Email (Confirmation):

Verification code*:
Not readable verification code? Try another one
<jsp> Enter the Captcha shown in the graphic, or ask for another.

Save the form and review it.  If all looks good, be certain pop-up blockers are disabled click Submit. 

A new window will be opened for Payment.  Today I paid $588 Pesos (~$28 USD) each for our FMM forms.  Be certain to print your receipt.

After payment an email link from notificaciones-inm@inami.gob.mx will be provided to  download the FMM itself.  Download and print the FMM.  Both the Entry and Exit forms are printed on a single sheet of paper.  

Since no sharps, paper cutters, scissors etc. are permitted in INM, I crease the forms and cut them about 3/4 of the way apart – top toward bottom.  Thus the agent can see they belong together and tear them apart easily.

Take BOTH the bank receipt and the completed FMM to the INM office.  There the agent will stamp both the Entry and Exit forms.  The Entry Form is retained and the Exit Form returned.  I keep Exit Form in my passport as it is proof that I am in the country legally. 

To reach the border crossings for Tijuana, ride the Blue Line Trolley to its last stop at the San Ysidro Transit Center.  Or take I-5 or I-805 to the last USA exit at Camino de la Plaza.

Today we are driving south on I-5 to the 'Last USA Exit'

The cars behind the fence on the right is where we usually park for the El Chaparral crossing (PedWest).  Today we’ll go left to the remodeled San Ysidro crossing.

I turn left at Camino de la Plaza, then right and parked in a lot on the right.  The advantage of parking on the right is that it is a right turn from the parking lot, and another right at the intersection onto the northbound freeways.  A few lane changes to the left is I-5.

Across the street is the San Ysidro Transit Center.  Since the rework, the entry to Mexico is straight ahead past McDonald's, no longer a dog-leg to the left.

This is just a different approach to the same building.  Once inside the queue for FMM is on the right.  There were a few people ahead of us, but the line moved quickly.

Once in Mexico if you are looking for a taxi?  Walk on past the yellow cabs, they are not regulated.  At the end of the walkway are the regulated white cabs with their fares clearly posted.  

Note the return to the US is a walkway originating about where the blue cart in the picture is located.

Despite the new remodel on the US side, not much has changed south of the border.

The pedestrian line forms just east of the freeway.

The building on the right (circa 1930) is the previous pedestrian crossing.

The USA is straight ahead, SENRTI Card holders to the right, everybody else to the left.

I checked Border Wait Times and both the remodeled San Ysidro and El Chaparral/PedWest were reporting 10 minutes.  I multiply by 3, expecting a 30 minute wait ... it's almost an hour!

The new San Ysidro pedestrian crossing could really help with congestion at the border.  It has 24 inspection stations, but the day we were there on 4 were operational and the wait was almost an hour.  At least that’s twice as many as the old 1930’s station that had 2 stations.

I know many people chose to cross into tourist towns, such as Los Algodones for dental visits, without issue.  The same form can be filled out at the INM desk at the crossing, there is no charge if the stay is for 7 days or less.

I've been asked to show the FMM every time we use either pedestrian crossing into Tijuana and about half the time driving across in Mexicali (west).  I've not been asked when driving into Tecate.  I've also been asked to produce the FMM in San Felipe and Puertocitos.

Now we at least we now have all our paperwork in order, we're off for a couple weeks in San Felipe.  And SHRIMP!


  1. Thanks for this detailed information, think we did of that crossing at KM 21 south of Nogales back in 2009 for our 3 months down near Mazatlan. and stock up on shrimp , since then we just crossed at Los Algodones and got our shrimp supplies there. Eye glasses and dentures as well. Enjoy your time there in SF and good supply of shrimp as well.

    1. Looking froward to a long week on the beach, then returning with a few kilos of the worlds best shrimp!
      Tijuana is so close we do our dental and vision there.

  2. Seems more involved than when I crossed at Brownsville 25 years ago. Nobody even cared that we traveled with a cat mostly they didn't want us to sell our rig, a set up much like my truck camper.

    1. It is WAY more complicated! It wasn't that long ago a few of us would go down/back on our lunch hour to place bets on the game at Caliente. Can't do that now.

  3. Man I love the large shrimp we get in Mexico

    1. We plan to bring back a couple kilos of those yummy blue shrimp you enjoyed in Puerto Penasco. Starting next month Puerto Penasco will be hosting a 500 cabin cruise ship offering 12 day 11 night packages along the Sea of Cortez

  4. Interesting about the cruise. Which company would that be? You always have a lot of good information. Have fun.

  5. Remind me to get back on that I do have the info. But access from the Beach House is too limited.
    Beautiful here, picked up 2 kilos of shrimp to hold us over :)


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