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May 14, 2019

San Felipe - with Flat Stanley

With Cinco de Mayo over, Stanley and I watched some of the Stanley Cup Playoff games.  We were both cheering for Boston against Columbus.

We had plans to join Fran’s brother, Bobby, in San Felipe to help ‘summerize’ his Beach House. We typically cross the border at the Calexico-West crossing.  This is the same crossing where we enjoyed the company of the local police, until $20 US allowed us to continue on our way.

To be certain I am always, ALWAYS, selected for Secondary Inspection when entering Mexico.  I tow a trailer with the quad, which requires proof of registration and ownership.

Typically this takes a few minutes, but not this time!  After 45 minutes of questions, inspections, which included taking all the items out of my truck, then replacing them, we were on our way.  I did learn a few things – there is a limit of 6 liters/person of alcohol allowed to be brought in.  Not only are guns forbidden, so are bullets.  Cash, or the ability to raise over 10,000 USD must be declared … Who Knew???  Who Can???  We cleared all and were eventually on our way.

Fran’s brother Bobby is married to a Mexican with dual US/Mexican citizenship.  I was thinking the entire time “Where’s Aleida when we need her?”, Well Aleida was with Bobby having their trailer in x-ray, sniffed by dogs, etc.  They were in secondary, for the first time!, for 4 hours!  ARG!

Back on the road, it is ‘left; left; right’ out of the new Rio Nuevo crossing to reach the familiar Mexico 5 to San Felipe.  We did that correct this time!

Welcome to San Felipe!

The San Felipe Arches mark the entrance into town.  The San Felipe Road remains in good, not great, condition.

We arrived in time for Stanley to enjoy a sunset beach on the quad.  Bobby and I set the tire (under the right handlebar about 15 years ago.  It served as a low tide anchor for a boat he once had.  At low tide now it’s at least 100’ from low tide!  We are losing a lot of beach!

Oh-My-Gosh we awoke to a spectacular sunrise!  … and it just got better.  This is likely the best week of weather we have spent in San Felipe - mid- 70 with only a mild wind.

Shell Beach was nearly devoid of shells a year ago, but the shells are starting to comeback.  Mostly clam shells, there was also a nice selection of periwinkle, snail

Fran looking for some unusual shells for decorations.

This is a nice picture of what could be found back-in-the-day before Shell Beach was ‘discovered’.

The Bahia Santa Maria north course is a long series of sand traps.  Not easy but fun, as seen on the smiles of Fran and her brother.  What’s not to like about sand and the beach?
Well this is not to like … Andrew (new to SF mud) is from Oceanside CA and tried to turn his bike in the San Felipe mud, right in front of the Beach House.  STUCK!  Major mud stuck.
I had some 200’ of rope and a neighbor had a 4x4 Razor.  Eventually a very muddy bike was dragged to safety.

And then to our back patio, where we have a hose and outside shower.  Both Andrew and his ride were eventually cleaned up.

Neighbor David is from Spain, and with his mother here this trip, cooked up a big pot of paella for their last day.   Bobby and Fran are looking over the massive pot of shrimp, chicken, sausage, with veggies and rice.  David has done the paella before, but this time his mom brought the rice from Spain and it was indeed exceptional!
Although not a ‘crested’ cordon, this cordon does have an alien face!


  1. You never know what a border crossing will entail, Galt you made it to your summer place and had a good time with Flat Stanley.

    1. Crossing into the US is usually the more rigorous inspection. The days of walking across to place a bet at Caliente and walking back - all in my lunch hour are long gone.

  2. Stanley sure is having fun! You were the perfect person to give him to. That was quite a shell/coral collection back in the day. Ugh...what a muddy mess! Hope everything washed up before it dried to cement. That pan of paella looks wonderful! Hope it tasted as good as it looks.

    1. Having Stanley was fun for us, he's now on his way back to the Grandson. Hope he was the only Stanley to be held up by Mexican Immigration:) Andrew cleaned up his bike fairly well, stayed for the paelle and left in the morning. The paella was exception this time as David's mother brought the rice with her from Spain. Such a difference!

  3. Sounds like everybody had an interesting border crossing. Gone are the days of easy crossings, especially back to the states.

    1. I'd agree the days of easy crossing are gone, even have been gone for some time now.


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