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May 04, 2019

Cinco de Mayo - with Flat Stanley

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the defeat of the French by the peasants of  La Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Although not a big celebration in Mexico, it is likely the best known celebration in the US.

Flat Stanley is a paper cutout of the main character of the children’s books of the same name.  It provides a means for elementary school students to learn more about different places and cultures.

Here Flat Stanley is learning about ”A Perfect Red” of cochineal bug found in cactus of the desert southwest.  I’ve had fun in previous posts extracting the red dye, one is HERE.

We entered Old Town near the stables where Stanley had a great time playing on the covered wagon.

I had fun sharing some early San Diego history, where the first prison escapee was Roy Bean (later known as Judge Roy Bean – The Law West of the Pecos).  This while his brother Joshua Bean was the San Diego mayor.

A carshow was staged along a side street.  There were some heavily modified cars at the show where Stanley waited in line for a free chicken wings sample.

YUM!  Recharged with spicy wings!

Past the cars, just beyond the wings, were some beautiful bikes on display.

Perry is a docent at the La Casa de Estudillo.  She was pleased to give Stanley a tour.  Last week she gave her grand-daughter’s Flat Bella a tour.  Stanley has not yet read Ramona, but this house is where the wedding takes place.

Like me, Stanley is a fan of the Tejano music movement that Selena started.

What a thrill!  The San Diego Chicken took Stanley for a short walk.

Time for a break in the shade before heading over to the main stage entertainment. We shared the fish tacos.

Fiesta de Reyes main stage is where the best of the music and dancing is being performed.   Nice spot in front of the stage.j

Lots of action on the main stage, but it’s more fun backstage, where Stanley meets up with some of upcoming dancers. 

And a few girls more his age. I had a little trouble getting him to leave this cutie!

The Old Town Market often has live music, a duet was in order … what a ham!

But what makes this venue unique on Cinco de Mayo is mural behind the stage, which depicts the battle of Puebla .  At the right of the mural are the peasants pushing the riflemen of the French back, as the mounted cavalry and canons of the French attempt to regroup.

Refer to my post on Chicano Park for more on Aztlan the original home of the Aztec peoples.  Perhaps the Aztec king …

And his daughter …

California is named after Queen Califia perhaps this is her ….

What’s next for Stanley?  We’re heading to San Felipe next week and he’d like to tagalong.


  1. What fun time you had around San Diego, Thanks for taking us right along with your and Stanley.

    1. Indeed it was fun taking Stanley to the Old Town Cinco de Mayo party. He's quite the fun magnet.

  2. Flat Stanley is sooo much fun! I taught third grade and read Flat Stanley. The kids loved sending Stanley out for adventures. We chart his where abouts on a map and sharing the photos. Whose Stanley did you have?

    1. With your adventurous spirit I can picture you having fun along with the kids. My Stanley belongs to grandson Jm who leaves Seattle. Stanley also came with a questionnaire about his adventure, which I'll fill in from Stanley's first person narrative.

    2. So glad to see Stanley continues to travel!!

    3. Golf today with cousin Aj, and off with us tomorrow to Mexico for a week. I want to come back in my next life as Stanley! He has the most fun :)

  3. Looks like you all had a good time. Awesome that Flat Stanley got to visit the fiesta in San Diego which I'm sure is much different than Seattle where he's from.

    1. Stanley says they do have Happy Hour taco and beer specials for Cinco de Mayo, but never a multi day fiesta takes over the entire area. Stanley was a 'chick magnet' way more attention than the young man was used too. :)


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