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June 17, 2018

Squatters - some unexpected guests

While taking the trash out in late May, I noticed there was an unexpected guest taking up residence in one of the Macadamia Nut trees.  I’m sure you’d do much the same thing I did - lock the door.  I also put a sign on the door to remind Fran and I not to use it.
P1080855 (1280x957)IMG_0662

Our unexpected guest was a female Red Throated Hummingbird, with 2 tiny white eggs in her nest.  When she made a trip to the feeder I brought the trash cans and the lawnmower to the front yard.
P1080847 (1280x960)P1080862 (1280x946)

I took the chance that she would be out feeding for a little bit longer and managed a shot of the two hatchlings.  They really are not all that cute at this stage.
IMG_0021 (1280x915)

In a few weeks one was noticeably a bit larger and the more aggressive sibling.  Although I had been talking to them, even with the camera in hand – the aggressive chick made it known I was not a BFF.
P1080865 (1280x957)P1080874 (1280x957)

I then set up a spy camera, to keep an eye on their development.  The larger one would often step out on the edge of the nest and test his wings.This is my last picture of the pair.  After testing his wings for the past couple days he/she has taken flight. 

Bye little guy and best wishes for a life of your own.
IMG_0034 (960x1280)

A couple fun facts:
They chicks do not leave the nest until they are adults and ready to be on their own
The nest is made of a lot of spider webbing to allow it to expand as the chicks grow
Once the chicks can generate their own body heat, mom leaves.  She does stay close by and continues to feed her offspring.

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