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March 13, 2017

Open Live Writer – Error 400 Bad Request

400 Bad Request
ARG – Just as I was having pretty good luck with OLW too.  Yes I know the Blogger publisher is a feature rich tool, which I used on the last blog.  However, it has an irritating feature and an unusable restriction.

Irritating in that I like small thumbnail photos on the blog, side-by-side.  Click a photo if you’re interested to see a larger version.  I could get by with centered photos, larger photos like many folks do.

However, I cannot use a tool that requires an online (aka bandwith usage) presence!  Drafts and edits should be and really need to be done offline.  Then posted as drafts, for final edits

I find my solution is the same as those who reported the 501 error and perhaps other errors.  As reported to TravelWithTheBayfieldBunch by Sherry from InTheDirectionOfOurDreams the workaround is simple – but it is a workaround!
Go to Google Photos
Create a new album; insert a single photo
Name it: Open Live Writer
Viola! Every thing works perfectly
WTH??? hope this helps others.
BTW my release of OLW is current at

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