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February 12, 2017

Sunset Cliffs - Urban Hiking San Diego

With a break in the rain we looked for a place with sun, a view, no mud and a bit of a distance.  Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach (OB) can be done as a jog, stroll, bike ride or an overlook park’n’look.

We’re looking an 8 mi RT walk/hike from Dog Beach to Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU).

Not only are the dogs having fun at the beach.  The girls are learning some sand surfing, and it seems most weekends host a Volleyball tournament.  Decades ago we’ve played in a few.  This is a 4x4 co-ed, where a girl must participate in any volley.
IMG_2353 (1280x958)IMG_2352 (1280x960)

It is a beautiful windy day near high tide under clear skies.  Perfect!  Well almost perfect.  A section of the Ocean Front Walk near Pelican Point has been claimed by the sea.
IMG_2357 (1280x960)IMG_2359 (1280x960)

This news photo looks like we could have squeezed by … at low tide, we did not try.

The sea will win this battle, erosion of the Sunset Cliffs is a given.  Do it while you can a bring a camera! and don’t be a statistic, we’ve already lost one tourist from the cliffs while she was taking her selfies!  ARG!  And here’s another couple tourists with their dogs and baby wanting to take a selfie …  or another who wants to sit in the spray for a moment …
IMG_2370 (1280x946)IMG_2371 (1280x947)

The end of the walkway also looks in poor condition, glad we stayed on top of the cliffs.
IMG_2363 (1280x960)

The waves put on a show for the entire walk.
IMG_2367 (1280x947)IMG_2369 (1280x959)
IMG_2377 (1280x953)IMG_2380 (1280x959)

The locals also have a way to test their limits and balance, sitting on an outfall pipe is not my idea of a good idea …
IMG_2378 (1280x960)

There are a few people down on the popular No Surf Beach despite the main access path has collapsed.
IMG_2382 (1280x959)IMG_2383 (1280x960)

But perhaps a new route has promise.  The stairs to the popular Garbage Beach (unfortunate name!) are at the end of Sunset Cliffs.  The beach is popular with surfers and only a beach at low to mid-tide.  Other times its basically a stairway to nowhere.
IMG_2384 (1280x960)IMG_2390 (1280x951)

Although this would make a decent turnaround point.  Continue on to The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.  Parking and porta-potties are available here.
Sunset-Cliffs-Natural-Park-Bryce-Feb2015-11-1000x593 (1000x593)

This is a natural area with many trails that follow along the cliff or up to the public access area near PLNU. 

IMG_2391 (1280x959)IMG_2392 (1280x960)IMG_2393 (1280x960)IMG_2397 (1280x960)

This is indeed an urban hike!  Look before crossing streets and there is a very narrow section along Sunset Cliffs where the pedestrian competes with the traffic for space.
IMG_2402 (1280x959)

Almost back …and finally at South Beach for the world’s best fish taco – their  Mahi-Mahi taco.  Fran is content with the lemon water … HA – after 8 miles I’m going for the Moose Drool on tap. Smile
IMG_2403 (1280x960)IMG_2410 (1280x947)

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